how much should cake cost?
I wanna do cupcakes and a small cake. 75 ppl tops. How much should I expect to pay?

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The more relevant question is "What are you willing to pay?". Cakes come in a wide range of prices, from about $1 per slice, to $10 per slice or more, depending on ingredients, location, decoration, etc! Cupcakes are the same idea. You should set a limit that you don't want to exceed and go from there.
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In my area, the cakes are around $2-$3 per slice depending on whether you choose fondant or butter cream/other icings. I would suggest getting prices from a couple of vendors that are near your reception location. They sometimes charge extra to deliver the cake over a distance. It also helps to ask friends or relatives for referrals.

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I'm also having cupcakes and a cake The cupcakes will be minis and boxed as favors and the cake is very art deco-ish for everything its about 600 bucks

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I had a 3 tier cake for 75 people. It had buttercream frosting. Including delivery and set up it was around $200. I don't know if cupcakes would make the price go up or down. I'd check a few different bakeries near you and just see how much they charge.

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In my area, cupcakes average $3-4 each. Of course it also depends on the flavors, packaging and decoration. An individidually boxed cupcake will cost more than those boxed together.

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Analy is right, it all depends on your ingredients, amount of decoration, etc.

I also think you really need to decide how important your cake is to you and what design and flavor you have in mind, do a tasting and match that to your budget.

Our cake is essential to our theme. For a Vermont wedding, we were told to expect to pay between $3.00 and $10.00 per slice depending on flavor, decorations, etc. $3.00 a slice was the yucky pound cake. We are paying $5.00 a slice for 60 guests for a carrott cake, with nuts and raisins, with whipped cream cheese frosting. The total is $300 $15 in delivery.It is four layers, with the bottom being 12"(to acoomodate my topper) and the top layer being more like an oversized cupcake. I am decorating the cake with fall leaves, acorns etc. I hate fondant. They are merely doing the dots. I am saving about $100 for the decor of the cake. I also bought my own cake stand...8" high and a 14" wide cake area. I am painting the stand gold.

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I priced a few different bakeries in my area and found nothing to feed my 160 people for less than $600...and that was totally plain. With 75 though it should be cheaper but the bakers I priced charged more per person if the cake was smaller...Depends on your area, good luck!

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Well the bakery that I'm getting my cake from ranges from 4-7 dollars per slice and can go up to about $12/slice, depending on the cake design and flower work.

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If it makes you feel better, I'm spending $450 for a 3 real tier, one fake tier cake that is really only intended to feed 60 people with minimal decoration...

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That does make me feel better, thanks Meghan! :D

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My sister owns a cake business and she charges $1.00/person for cupcakes and about $1.25/person for cake. We're doing cupcakes and a small 2-tiered cake for us to cut. If she was going to charge us it would probably be about $200 - $250 for 150 people.

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Our cake for 100 people is two tiered (plus a seperate undecorated kitchen or "sheet" cake) with sugar flowers on it will cost us $423. I think considering the baker does everything organic/local all that good stuff and the sugar flowers are amazingly beautiful and realistic it is a good price.

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We are having a 4 tiered cake to serve approximately 250 people. The price we are paying is $561.

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We chose a local bakery whose cupcakes are really good. She charged $2.50 each and a 2 tier round cake(6 and 8inch) on top. with delivery/set was $622 . we are serving 200 cupcakes and they are huge! 1 per person really will be enough. We can use our monogram design at no addtl cost and are able to chose as many flavors as we want.
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