How much is too much?!?!?
With 2 weeks left, I am flip flopping about the photographer. First, let me say that we aren't obsessed with spending $$$$$ on photos but want some nice pics. Right now I have a student photographer booked, only paying her $100 to shoot the entire thing and print. Well, I went browsing yesterday and found a pro that does beautiful work, but the package I want is $500. That $500 includes 3 hours of coverage, I would have to print out on my own. I can swing that but am feeling like I am going totally against my stance in the beginning: don't get caught up in the blissfulness that is a wedding. I know that photography is usually an arm and a leg but $500 is a steal. Am I getting caught up? Please help. BTW, I am kinda tired of wedding stuff at this point...

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dang girl.. why are you even looking still!! go with your gut, and your gut said your first choice! i think this is an on-the-whim thing :) your day will be beautiful and you will have amazing photos!!

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its a steal but you aren't getting anything for it. and 3 hours isn't alot..I would stick with the student who is shooting the WHOLE wedding not just 3 hours

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i dont think so....we paid $2000 for ours.... so i would say it is a steal!

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i say go for it bc with a student they might not get all the great shots you want so at least you will have a pro that knows exactly what to do...

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$500 seems way to cheap for picture IMO- so if you really like her work I would do it.
Has your student ever even done a wedding before? I know a lot of people who do great portraits, but weddings are a whole new ballgame. Do you really want your wedding to be the experiment? I wonder if the "pro" has even done very many weddings for that price.
Even with the super sweet deal I was getting with a truly pro photographer (she has done over 100 weddings) it comes out to more then $600 for 3 hours, and we were getting her for almost 1/2 of what she normally charged because of a promo.
Maybe it's just because I'm a picture person in general, but if you really like this pro, and it's only $500, I would do it. Maybe keep the student around for the reception pictures....
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i was just thinkin.. maybe do both of them? do the pro for only her 3 hours.. that could quite possibly be up before the ceremony even starts!! and have the student to capture the rest of the night.

Rachel W.
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I agree with GBAC. I would have them both, if budget allows. Have the pro come for the ceremony and the beginning of the reception, and have the student there for getting ready, ceremony, etc. That way, you have 2 shooters and won't miss a thing.

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i agree with the 3 ladies above :)

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IMOP it can't hurt to have two photgraphers as long as there isn't anything in either of their contract saying that you can't do that. For $600.00 that is a steal and you have one all day and one pro for three hours to get in all the professional shots. If it was me that's totally what I would do. Good find, great price and good luck!

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Why not hire both? LOL

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Thanks, ladies for weighing in. Great suggestions, leaning towards GBAC and Mrs. Lemmon. I have the student's portfolio, she's really good. and I do feel that is a "caught up moment", just needed some folks to snatch me back to reality, lol.
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Have the student do the getting ready shots, the cocktail hours, and reception.
Have the pro do the ceremony, the posed formals, and the beginning of the reception.
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