How much is hair and makeup supposed to cost? DMV brides especially!
Uh so I recently realized I have no idea how much this is supposed to cost. A girl a use to work with is a MUA in the area (the place we both worked at was actually her side job, the makeup and hair is her main job) and I know she's super talented. My DOC actually uses her as a vendor as well. She said she can do my hair and makeup for $150 for the day of (flat charge for no matter what I want to do with myself) and $75 for the trial. She also said she can do my BMs for $65 a pop. Is that a good price? I really have n clue

What did you pay for hair & makeup?

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That sounds like the going rate...about average...I have been looking into it for myself...its not cheap!

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If she is doing hair as well I would say that is pretty good. Average price of makeup alone where I live is about $85 bride and $65 wedding party $35 flower girls for day of. Half for consult.

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That is a great price for both hair and makeup. I paid $150 for my trial and will spend $265 ($135 - hair & $130 - makeup) on the day of. MOB will be $85 and MOH will be $65.

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Thats what im paying for Ocean City, MD.... bridesmaids are $50.00 though

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That's about right. I'm paying 150 for hair and 100 for makeup. Free hair trial, 100 make up trial.

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honey that is a steal! you know me & my frugalness, so I swindled my hairdresser to hook me up for free cuz she decided at the last minute that she couldn't attend my event & my bff moh is an aesthetician so all I had to do was to buy the make up...yea!!

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well i'm not in your area, I'm in PA so its prob cheaper around's 160 total; including hair trial , makeup trial, and day of for both.
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It sounds about average. Although, trials should be complimentary or a low price. I think she is over-charging for the trial. $65 is very reasonable for bridesmaids.
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Thats a reallllly gooooood price!!! Hopefully she is good.

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I will be spending $200 for my hair and trail run for the hair and $150 for my makeup. I think its a little pricey but have been going to this place for years and know they will do a great job.

For my wedding party their hair will be $75 if they want it done and then $75 for make up if they want that done as well.
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That is a GREAT rate. If you are having a decent sized bridal party, inquire about a day rate and see if you can get more bang for your buck. That doesn't mean that the MUA/Stylist will be there all day, but it may be less per head overall.

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Wow that's great! I am looking for someone, can I have her info?

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Im a hair and makeup artist and my rates are $65 for hair $55 for makeup, and if both are booked together only $110. When i was in NYC and bc of the higher class location i worked in it was $ 280 for hair and makeup, now that i started my own business back on LI i wanted to make it affordable for my brides :)
If anyone one LI still needs a hair and makeup artist check out my website and call if interested :) GL and congrats to you all!

Pro makeup artist

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It depends on your location and if the artist is coming to you onsite

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discounted bridal packages for Bridal Hair & Make-up

( 703-542-7199)





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I am getting married in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Does anyone know of a really good Hair and Makeup Artist that can give a good price? I got a quote of $350 and that includes, hair, makeup, lipstick touch up. I think its kind of pricey. Any thoughts or comments?

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Hi Denise -

I'm also getting married in Puerto Rico in April and have been having the hardest time finding a good hair and make-up artist, and the salons have been really tough to reach.

Have you found one?? Which one, would love to hear??
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