How much is hair and makeup supposed to cost? DMV brides especially!
Uh so I recently realized I have no idea how much this is supposed to cost. A girl a use to work with is a MUA in the area (the place we both worked at was actually her side job, the makeup and hair is her main job) and I know she's super talented. My DOC actually uses her as a vendor as well. She said she can do my hair and makeup for $150 for the day of (flat charge for no matter what I want to do with myself) and $75 for the trial. She also said she can do my BMs for $65 a pop. Is that a good price? I really have n clue

What did you pay for hair & makeup?

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That sounds like the going rate...about average...I have been looking into it for myself...its not cheap!

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If she is doing hair as well I would say that is pretty good. Average price of makeup alone where I live is about $85 bride and $65 wedding party $35 flower girls for day of. Half for consult.

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That is a great price for both hair and makeup. I paid $150 for my trial and will spend $265 ($135 - hair & $130 - makeup) on the day of. MOB will be $85 and MOH will be $65.

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Thats what im paying for Ocean City, MD.... bridesmaids are $50.00 though

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That's about right. I'm paying 150 for hair and 100 for makeup. Free hair trial, 100 make up trial.

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honey that is a steal! you know me & my frugalness, so I swindled my hairdresser to hook me up for free cuz she decided at the last minute that she couldn't attend my event & my bff moh is an aesthetician so all I had to do was to buy the make up...yea!!

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well i'm not in your area, I'm in PA so its prob cheaper around's 160 total; including hair trial , makeup trial, and day of for both.
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It sounds about average. Although, trials should be complimentary or a low price. I think she is over-charging for the trial. $65 is very reasonable for bridesmaids.
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Thats a reallllly gooooood price!!! Hopefully she is good.

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I will be spending $200 for my hair and trail run for the hair and $150 for my makeup. I think its a little pricey but have been going to this place for years and know they will do a great job.

For my wedding party their hair will be $75 if they want it done and then $75 for make up if they want that done as well.
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That is a GREAT rate. If you are having a decent sized bridal party, inquire about a day rate and see if you can get more bang for your buck. That doesn't mean that the MUA/Stylist will be there all day, but it may be less per head overall.

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Wow that's great! I am looking for someone, can I have her info?

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Im a hair and makeup artist and my rates are $65 for hair $55 for makeup, and if both are booked together only $110. When i was in NYC and bc of the higher class location i worked in it was $ 280 for hair and makeup, now that i started my own business back on LI i wanted to make it affordable for my brides :)
If anyone one LI still needs a hair and makeup artist check out my website and call if interested :) GL and congrats to you all!

Pro makeup artist

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It depends on your location and if the artist is coming to you onsite

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discounted bridal packages for Bridal Hair & Make-up

( 703-542-7199)





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I am getting married in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Does anyone know of a really good Hair and Makeup Artist that can give a good price? I got a quote of $350 and that includes, hair, makeup, lipstick touch up. I think its kind of pricey. Any thoughts or comments?

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Hi Denise -

I'm also getting married in Puerto Rico in April and have been having the hardest time finding a good hair and make-up artist, and the salons have been really tough to reach.

Have you found one?? Which one, would love to hear??
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I truly feel you get what you pay for. I am not only getting married but I am in the Hair and MU industry. I am not using my team as they are all attending the wedding and I want them to enjoy themselves and not have to worry about my hair or MU. So I went and looked outside for someone. Most everyone I found that charged n the $150 range I would not have do my hair or MU. You need to look at their work and know that you are getting what you pay for. When I settled on someone they charge $450 for the bride and $250 for brides maids and mother of or mother in law to be. But their work spoke for the price. Also many people up charge for lashes, extra cover ups like back acne, and making sure the chest matches the neck and face ( nothing worse in a picture then your neck and face do not match your chest) these are things to look for and ask about, because at the end of the day all you will have left is your pictures and if you do not like how you look you will not like the pictures.
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I try to match the Brides Budget, Its really hard to know unless you ask up front, if their budget is unlimited then my normal packaging prices are great, but if they have a slight budget I am willing to work with them, of course, I am not willing to cheat myself in the process. If we as professionals are expected to provide the best, then we need compensation to keep our inventory in supply, its not cheap at all, and that's JUST our inventory, not our expertise and time. I mean, I will make my prices much lower when it only costs a dollar to purchase each high end professional makeup item and hair products I use lol until then, I consider my Prices very reasonable. (None of my Prices are written in stone, I have individual Base Prices and Packages) its the great thing about being in business for myself, I can change anything to please my client!
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