How much for alterations at Davids Bridal?
After my last post,I am probably going to get a dress that may end up being too big.
How much does Davids Bridal charge to 'take a dress in'?
Also,if you know what the prices of other alterations run,I could maybe use that info too for my bridesmaids....
thanks a bunch!

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WAY too much! Look for a seamstress in your area that can do it! DB is typically almost 2x the price.

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they told me 35-65 taking in the dress depending on the details on it. (beading and such)and then i think 35 for bustle and 5 dollars each point after the normal 3. i hope this makes sense.

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Yeah DB is pretty expensive but my mom is paying for mine and my bridesmaids dresses and is just doing it there probably cause it's easier since we bought it there. I just need to get my dress hemmed and bustled and that's costing like $250! My sister just needs her bridesmaid dress taken in a little at the bust cause it's strapless and they are only charging $50 for her! Probably just overcharging on me since I'm the bride :-p

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One of my bridesmaids and I just got fitted yesterday. My bridesmaid needs about 2 1/2 inches off the bust / hip area, and it's costing her $35. Majority of alterations appears to be $35 - cap sleeves on shoulders shortened, (initial) bustle. Hem line on my gown is $120 (for 2 inches off bottom) - so pricy. Additional buttons for bustle is $5 each. Might be worth it to ask around at seamstress shops. Good luck!

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its very expensive there, i just paid 155 for a over bustle and hem to be done, and i do have alot of beading so i figured thats why i paid so much, but i didnt have any choice to go there i treied to call a few other people who do alterations but no one ever called me back

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hems are always expensive!! I think its the most costly thing to alter. I could be wrong but that is what i have been told and have noticed.

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My hem doesn't need done-I was just looking into getting the bustle done.We won't have very much dancing,but with all the little ones I thought maybe I should get the bustle done.
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