how much does photography typically cost?are prints included?
i am not sure what to do about a photographer??? a friend of the family is charging me $300 to take pictures. however that doesnt include prints. he just takes the pictures for us with his camera and then downloads them onto a CD. then we have to take them to Walmart or what have you and have them printed ourselves. is that a lot of money for just having someone take them?

also, there was a friend of the family that would take pictures with his camera for $100. it would be the same he would just give us the CD copies.

what is a reasonable price for photography that includes the prints? or is that the way to go just take them to walmart and have them developed. i didnt think they turned out as good if you want a larger print like 8x10 or 5x7.

need some help.

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It depends on his level of skill. Professional photographers typically charge a LOT of money for photography-only packages (i.e. no print credits), because you're paying for their expertise. So if your friend has a nice camera and even some amount of experience, I would say $300 is a bargain. Additionally, the higher quality pictures come along with higher quality prints, because the pros also use professional printing services.

Just poke around on the vendors on this site, or google "wedding photographer" for your state to get an idea.

Also, if you want to make sure you can get larger photos from your friend's pictures, I would make sure he is using a nice camera with decent resolution, etc.

Reverend Brian Cookson

Reverend Brian Cookson
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$300.00 is a real good price. I would take that offer plus he is going to download them onto a cd for you. Most photographers charge an average $500.00 to $2000.00. Another thought is you could buy disposable cameras and put them on the tables for the guests to take pictures then when they leave they could leave them on the table or you have a camera collection site.

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I know what you mean!! The cost descrepancies are ridiculous. The quotes I've had for photography and other services...the price quotes are all soooo different. I don't know what's fair. On one hand, you're afraid to go with the reasonable guy cuz what if they don't do a good job. On the other hand, can he do just as good of a job as the high ticket guy? I'm completely overwhelmed!!

I have decided to do formal photos separately...not the day of the wedding. I am fortunate, I have several hobby photographers in my family & friend circle. I'm going to have ALL of them with camera in hand...and have the good photos printed into "good quality" photos. The rest I will save onto CD, or print a few and make some cool memory scrapbooks for family and friends who were involved with the wedding.

Good luck!

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wedding photography is expensive for a reason...they are trained to take quality pictures and typically because of their equipment. you may not be able to blow up the pictures your friend is taking for you depending on the resolution.

some photographers have packages that include prints, some dont, some include a cd, some dont...they are all different

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Professional photographers are way more expensive than that. I hired two photographers for my wedding, and the better of the two is $1500.
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I would take a look at your friend's pictures before you agree to let them photograph your wedding. Weddings are very fast paced and much different from other types of photography. I really would spend the money to hire a professional wedding photographer. This your special day and I will say from experiance and other brides I've talked with, their wedding day is a blur. So your pictures are vital. With weddings there are no reshoots. Its a one shot deal. Also you have to think what if I don't like the pictures, how do you handle that with a friend.

The average cost for a wedding photographer is $2,000. Some are less and some are more.

Whatever you choose to do I hope your wedding day is everything you dreamed it would be.

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I think its a great price, especially if they are a trained photographer, I looked at one person who was charging 600 for just a cd of the prints. Im paying 1500 for mine and thats the cheapest practically in town. Most photographers in my area are 4,000- 10,000. You need to do what fits in your budget and makes you happy. These photos last a lifetime, so do what you feel is right I would also try to go to a Costco or Sams club for prints, they are by far the best quality and a great price.


C. Wilson Photography
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Photography is one of the most important parts of your big day. If you are going to invest money somewhere, photography is the place. These are your keepsake memories of your new life together! I am spending over $4000 on photography and that includes the rights to the prints as well as a wedding book with 40 prints. The biggest part in choosing a photographer is seeing their work and owning the rights to the photos. This way you and your guests can purchase the prints on your own wherever you would like. Typically if you have to order prints through the photographer they are about $4 or more for a 4x6 print. If your worried about the quality of the print, there are places that specialize in photo printing. But I dont think the print is necessarily the problem, I think if its a good picture then it will print great regardless of where you go. Good luck!
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Wow! I'm surprised no one has mentioned to you. Once you get your CD, you can load all the photos onto shutterfly and create albums (starting at just $24.99), make brag-books, get prints, & even order photo thank-you cards. It's also a great place to make a custom guest book, that includes engagement shots of the two of you!
For more helpful ideas, feel free to give me a call. It looks like you have a lot, really a lot, of questions!
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O. K. I am a photographer for over 30 years now and the price I am worth is rarely what I get. For a few reasons.
I shoot film because it is still much better than 90% of these new photogs. shooting digetal!
I included the negatives and a C.D. the prints are all organized for easy processing. So 100 page story-book, overflow prints, negatives, and c.d. also you get a Bridal sitting all for $1,200.00 half down to book. My motto is "You at your best"
Best wishes,

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We are paying $3,000... And I've seen some vendors going for $6k. Some with CD only, some with a book of 4x6 prints to go along with a CD. Parent books run for $100, and albums can go for $1,000.
No, you are not paying too much. I think your friend is giving you a steal.
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You just really have to ask yourelf.. How important is photography to me?

If it is important to you... Look at your budget and get the best you can possibly affort.

If its not and you dont mind taking the chance of your photos not turning out... $300 is a good deal

You really do get what you pay for when it come to photography. The good ones charge a lot because they look at it as and art and put a lot of education and money into it.

Best of luck!


Medina Photography
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as with all things in life, you get what you pay for. There is a reason we professionals charge what we charge.
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Here is some important advice - Don't scrimp on a photographer. Afer all is said and done your photos are all you have left to remember this most important day! A professional will have equipment and knowledge to capture all the details and emotions in a way that an amatuer just can't do. You look like a handsome couple and you will truly treasure these photos and your children will too! Look through wedding wire for a pro and make sure they provide professional prints and possibly an album with their package. It will be the best money you spend....scrimp on the food.
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You failed to mention whether or not your friend would edit your photos. Many times editing is forgotten about. We offer a package for $800, which includes 6 hours of coverage, a 100 EDITED image proof album AND a CD with at least 300 EDITED images (100 of them are included in the proof album). As important as it is to get a shot right, it is also essential that photographs are edited for color balance, lighting, shine on faces, etc. Editing can make the difference between OK pictures and memorable pictures.

Kathie - A Crystal Clear Sound Video & Photo, Northeast Ohio
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Receiving your images on a disc is what A LOT of couples look for in a photographer. This is the reason many couples come to me for their photography. Places that don't give you the disc charge you per print and if you end up wanting more you have to go back and keep paying more.
The only thing you want to make sure you do is print at a high quality printing lab if you're printing them on your own. Walmart doesn't do the best of prints, unless your photographer is including editing in your photos. But either way... if you want your photos to last a LONG time print somewhere really good. I always use Inkley's Camera... there is also Ritz and Wolf Camera. All are owned by the same person. Good luck!


Wanda Lechene Photography
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Hello my name is Wanda Lechene and I am a photographer.
My answer to your question.

Well if he is a real photographer and he is your friend that is a great price. also if he gives you a hi resolution photos on a cd even if you take it to Wal-Mart the pictures will still turn out great.

Now if he is not a real photographer that does not have experience on photography then it’s too much money to pay for. And you don’t know how good the photos are going to be.

And if that is the case then I suggest you hire a professional photographer.


Wanda Lechene Photography
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and if your still looking for a wedding photographer.

please take a look and my website. in my website i have package deals and pricing there...

if you have any question please contact me and i would be happy to help you.


Wanda Lechene Photography
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and if your still looking for a wedding photographer.

please take a look and my website. in my website i have package deals and pricing there...

if you have any question please contact me and i would be happy to help you.
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