How much does a day planner cost?
I have been getting prices for 2,000 to 4,000. Does it really cost so much? All i want is to have is the reception hall decorated

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That's way expensive for a DOC, what exactly do you want to have them do?

DOC's in downtown Chicago run around $500 for the day. That usually includes their attendance at the rehearsal too. If you want them to do more work, like plan the entire wedding start to finish, I can see paying more. But not for just the day.

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That sounds crazy. How much decorating do you need?

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I just hired mine today!!!

I am paying $1000 for everything. This includes

It is my understanding that I will be retained by you from this date until your wedding on October 6, 2012. My duties include all activities and tasks as described in the Event planning package, including:

• examining your plans, highlighting any potential problems and proposing solutions;
• using my vendor list to find any outstanding suppliers, if needed;
• meeting with vendors prior to the wedding to confirm all arrangements are correct;
• handling any remaining wedding-related administration;
• creating additional personal touches and creative concepts;
• crafting a detailed wedding day schedule for the bridal party;
• crafting a detailed timeline and design layout for wedding vendors;
• decorating the venue and putting the finishing touches in place;
• directing the rehearsal;
• providing day-of vendor assistance and supervising the set-up; and
• managing the ceremony and reception.


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coordinating the closing activities and packing-up.

Unlimited phone and e-mail support is provided during this time; meetings will be scheduled as needed. In addition, I will arrange for the delivery of wedding gifts from the reception to a location pre-determined by the bridal couple. I will also have my essential wedding day emergency kit handy, should it be needed.
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check - enter your zipcode and check the range for day of coordinators.

Seems high to me. I would call a few different planners and make sure you are very clear about what you are looking for.

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For those who are considering 'day of' wedding planners be sure you know EXACTLY what you're getting. This is a great article I referenced in a previous blog post of mine:

However, if you only need someone to handle the decorating set up and tear down, depending on what you're looking at the prices you're being quoted might be spot on because some decorating is incredibly labor intensive.

That being said, if you ONLY want decorating set up/tear down, then look at other vendors that might be able to help. For example, we refer to a linen company that handles everything - installing chair covers and removing them at the end of the night. It's labor intensive, but by paying a small amount more you know it's taken care of.

REMEMBER THE TEAR DOWN!!! At the end of the night someone needs to clean everything from the reception hall and expecting your family and guests to do it isn't always practical.

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kris can you hook me up with the chicago one for that price? I havent seen any yet!

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WOW! In houston I found them to be around 500-750. There were some that offered "month of" packages to help you in the last month. Those were closer to the 1000-2000 range.


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Hi Darlene,

As a Wedding Planner in the Western MA area, I do consider that price to be a bit steep for Day of Coordination. However, pricing in excess of $1000 in the Northeast is not unheard of. Some will add bells and whistles, some won't. Are you using any extravagent pipe and drape system(s) or are you looking for someone to decorate w/linens, centerpieces, and other decor under 50lbs?
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That pricing does seem rather steep. Our "Day Of" package is $600 & we are in Houston. We also come in many, many months before the wedding.

I would say to always do your homework & you will always find vendors that are reasonable. I believe that's how we get many of our clients.

Good luck with your search.

Event-ually You

Event-ually You
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Our Day Of prices are not event close to that! Ours start at about $300 and no more then $700 just to give you a brief also depends on what you are looking for.

We are also from Houston, TX.

Congratulations and Best wishes...

- Event-ually You

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Thank you guys for giving me an idea of what a day planner would cost.
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