How much does a catholic church cost?
My hometown church wanted $1500! Why so much????

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Are you registered parishioners? It usually depends on the church and whether or not you are registered with them. Yes, some can be very pricey. We paid $750 for ours, and that did not include the tip for the officiant priest. However we were not parishioners at that church, otherwise it would have been free!! If you haven't I definitely recommend registering with your church ASAP and see if you can get a discount. Good luck!

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I agree with yadayada but even if you register you have to do it in enough time with most churches so its not like you are just doing it to get the discount. They will require you to tithe and set up your pre-cana (marital preparation classes) with them in most cases. I hope this helps! Congratulations.

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Yes, most churches require at least a year.

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It only costs me $125. Where do you live?

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It is costing a $500 dollar donation for the church, plus tip for the priest ($150-$250), $300 for the ceremony musician (we have to use the church organist), plus all the money on pre-cana classes totalling another almost $200. It adds up quick but, compaired to other non-catholic churches in the same town it is actually ALOT cheaper. I'm from the DC area though so those prices might be a little inflatted if you are from somewhere with a smaller population.

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Well I live in Vegas but we're getting married in Seattle. Both our family are there. My soon-to-be in laws are parishioners at that one Vietnamese church that asked for $1500. they even volunteers for a lot of events there. My in-laws told me don't worry about the church they will set it up for me but then just last week they told me about the $$. So my father in law found another church for me but all these paper work i didn't know about. My pre-cana class down here didn't prepare me about it. Vegas diocese don't honor out of state marriages. So now i have to rush and get everything done...only have 4 more months to go. =(

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I am not sure what you mean by your vegas diocese doesn't honor out of state marriages, but the pre-cana stuff you did in Vegas should be good for your marriage in Seattle. You should contact that church and see what their requirements are. I say this because we live in Washington DC and our wedding was in FL but we did all the paperwork in DC. They sent it to FL and we were able to get married there without any problems... good luck sometimes the Catholic church can be such a pain!! LOL

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Thank you so much're right it is. I got the list from the Seattle church she told me that sometimes the diocese requirements is a little different in every state. I'll ask the church were i went for my pre-cana. So much to do so little time!

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Wow. I'm surprised the church charged so much. I'm getting married here: They told us the cost is $125 because we have to have a church wedding coordinator. If we want to do the couple's retreat, I think that's about $400 but we can opt to do 5 sessions with another couple and that's free. (I think). We're not required to use the church's choir or anything of the sort.

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It is funny how you say that a $500 donation is required. That is baloney and they are taking you for a ride. A donation is what you can AFFORD..thats what the word donation means..they get around it by saying that A $500.00 DONATION IS REQUIRED..there is no such thing..what they are really saying is COST OF THE USE OF THE CHURCH IS $ can negotiate on that.

Also, I have never heard of a church (let alone Catholic) that says "If you want to get married in our church you MUST use our organist"..that is false! Find out what Archdiocese the church is through and contact them. My friend had the same problem and called the Archdiocese ..disciplinary measures were taken and her problem was solved. She did not want an organist, she wanted a violinist who happened to be her sister. They refused so she reported them to the was resolved.

Do your homework and take action..I'm catholic and can say the church is out for an extra buck!

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Also, my FH is going through an annulment. It has been going on for 1 1/2 years and we are both catholic. We have decided to have a civil ceremony next Monday up in the Pocono's and when his annulment is finalized, we then plan on having our marriage convalidated through the church at a later date. Ya do what ya gotta do!
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We did a wedding at a Catholic church earlier this year, and my assistant knew the bride. The costs were staggering, and the list of rules was 11 pages long! The time frames that they were given to work with were amazingly tight as well.

Something else to keep in mind when you're shopping venues... is their restrictions on photography! In many cases you have to consult with your officiant as this is their call. However some venues have actual restrictions on where people can be.

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AmyMarie, your marriage won't be legal if his annulment is not finalized will it?

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The annulment process is through the Catholic church only..anotherwords, he is legally divorced as seen in the civil courts (and has been since 2005) so we can have a civil ceremony and it is legal per the state. When we went to get our marriage license, he had to show proof of his divorce. As the Catholic church sees it, he is divorced civilly but in the church he is not. Once his annulment is finalized, only then can we move forward with having our marriage convalidated by the church.

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We're getting married in my hometown Catholic church. The cost for the church and the officiants fee is all by donation (good old fashioned donation-no requrement. We are getting married in MN and live in NC so will be doing all our precana stuff here. We have the option to do a day retreat and then meet w/a priest 2-3 times or do a weekend retreat and not meet w/the priest. We're doing the day retreat (it's cheaper!) and then mtg w/the priest (Free!) Good luck!

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AmyMarie: They call it a "donation" cause it sounds nicer but if you are not in the finacial state to pay it I'm sure they would wave the fee, however I feel no need to pinch pennies on the church. The up keep required on the chapel is very large, it's 130 y/o, and I think I should have to pay a portion back for using it. I'm not actually a member of this church but it is in my diocese and the priest is being very generous by allowing us to use it because they are allowed (and usually do) limit it to only the towns residents. He even said that he does not expect a donation for himself but I would find not giving him one very rude. The money for the organist is goes directly to her and not through the church and I'm sure if I made a big deal out of it I could have other options but I'm not a very picky person and honestly I think $300 is a good deal and don't want to shop around for a better price. Other quotes I got were $1800 w/o ceremony muscians at noncatholic churches.

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The one I was thinking of was $750. We did not go that route.

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We are getting married at a Catholic Church in Maryland, and its 250 for the church, 300 for the musicians (cantor & organist) and a donation to the deacon who is performing the ceremony.
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Depends on the church. Some around here are nearly $1000

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wow..that is a lot of money to pay for a church. We are getting married in the church and is only 250, we do have to a retreat and that is extra, but that is about it. Everything else is optional and our church doesnt have all the restrictions. I think its unfair to say that all catholic churches have a list of restrictions.
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