How much does bridal makeup cost?
This lady charging around 500 for brides makeup. The whole package included 5 bridemaids cost around 1000. Don't you think that's too much or decent? She will come to my house follow me all day.

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I don't know where you are located, but my makeup artist charges (brides) $100 for makeup and $20 - $40 for hair. For BM or any other gal it's $30 for makeup and $20 - $40 for hair. However, if I have 2 or more gals getting makeup done then my cost is $75. She will also go to the wedding for about 2 hours and that is just another $50. The makeup she uses is MAC, so I'm sure it will last...

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I'm located in NJ

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I don't know how much in NJ the cost for make up artists are, but I remember only my sister had her's professionally done and the make up artist came to the hair salon we all had our hair done at. I don't remember what she charged her, but I know if you have your make up done at their site they charge you less, usually $150 for a Trial Run and Day of Make Up. Some can charge more or less. She was going to charge each Bridesmaid $75 for make up, but my sis didn't find that fair for us to pay $75 for an Up-Do and $75 for makeup, so she asked her MOH and other BM who were cheerleaders with her to help those of us more Make Up challenged BMs with our Make Up. We all had fun with this while we waited for the others who were getting their hair done. If you have anyone in your bridal party who is good with doing makeup see if they wouldn't mind helping out with doing everyone's make up. It can help save you a huge chunk of change having it professionally done.

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I'm sure that's about standard if she's doing all makeup and following you around all day, in the NY/NJ area.

The cheaper option is to go somewhere where they do hair and makeup together--i.e. a high end salon. But they won't follow you around. You could ask a make-up friendly bridesmaid to help with touchups. Just depends how much you want to spend.

The cheapest option is to go to a high end department store and have them do it for free, and buy some of the product.

Just a few thoughts.
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For brides, makeup artist are a necessity. Bridal pictures are forever and your look is very important for your wedding day. You can look at it in 2 different views.
1. Limited services - When your budget for your image is minimal you must consider the type of service you will get. For $50 - $100 for the bride you will probably receive just makeup for you and maybe (considering what artist you use) touch you up for pictures after the ceremony. (Not lokely though).
2. Full service Makeup Artist - This artist will probably service you and your party for about $100 - $1,000 based up the packages that are designed by the artist. Alot of things are held into consideration; Travel, location, # of maids, MOB, # of hours of service the artist will be needed. Also one must consider the experience the makeup artist has with Bridal makeup, tradional makeup application vs. airbrushing. All makeup artist are not created equally! Consider consultation. Her price: decent considering these factor

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That is an outrageous amount. You would be better off going to a salon together in the morning!
Or have a girl party where you do eachother's makeup. Grab some magazines and just do it.
WEHn you say wedding to any vendor..the price always increases!

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I live in NY & the salon I'm using is $80 $40 for airbrush $20 for eyelashes. With airbrush you won't need touch ups.

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there is a place in the northeast where the artist will stay for 8 hours and do the bride, all of your bridesmaids and the brides mother for about $800. she will touchup any of the included throughout the whole day. my friend had christy and she brought an assistant. i will be using her as well. she can be reached at they have a website but it looks like its under construction right now. goodluck!

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Thank you for recommending us Sarah. At Make-Up On-Site, we do offer an $800 all inclusive make-up package, but we also offer smaller packages that cost much less and still include the bridal party.

If anyone would like to see a comprehensive price list you can visit our website at . Our prices are very competitive and we service all of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Connecticut, as well as the New York City Metro area (NYC, Staten Island, Long Island, Brooklyn, Jersey City, New Jersey and more).

Our list will give you a really good idea of what you might expect to pay. Whomever you choose as your artist, I highly recommend taking advantage of a trial run if it is offered (and schedule it well in advance). If you do not feel completely comfortable with your artist during your trial run, it might be a good idea to find someone else.

I hope this helps!


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Christy, I just randomly found this post when searching for "Vermont" and I was interested on you company, but you link doesn't work for your website.
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I think that sounds about right, she is charging you for the makeup and then her full day rate to stay with you for touch ups.
So its not necessarly $500 for the bride is a full day rate plus the makeup

So she may be charging $100 per person and her full rate to stay with you.
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My, My. $500? Only if the makeup artist is airbrushing the bride from head to toe in bronze glitter!
I base my rates on what a salon might charge for a hair color/cut or other services and then I add a reasonable travel fee (total $75 pp)
Makeup, no matter how beautifully done, is still washed off at the end of the day. ($500 could buy you an impressively large tattoo!) By the way, regular makeup can last just as long as airbrushed makeup. It's all in the brushes and the technique!
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When in doubt have a trial and see if the artist is TRULY an artist or not. LOOK AT THEIR BOOK AND PORTFOLIO. Good luck and have fun no matter what you choose to do for your makeup!
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Great Prices

KCJ Makeup Artistry

KCJ Makeup Artistry
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I think a lot of people are looking at the price and basing that just on makeup application. Please consider the fact that the MUA will be trailing her all day. Wherever she goes. That is hours on hours of touchups, gas, mileage, product being used, technique, skill, and simply time out her day. Want to go a cheaper route?? Then have her just apply the makeup and leave. But if you want to be treated like the royalty you should be on YOUR BIG DAY, then there is a price for that. I think that price is fair for all she is getting.

Khush Singh - Celebrity Makeup Artist

Khush Singh - Celebrity & Bridal Makeup Artist
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There is a very large difference btw Artists and utilizing a trial, with an experienced makeup artist will show you the differenca makeup artist can make on your wedding day.


Jennifer M.

Sweet Almond Wedding and Event Planning
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Pricing for bridal makeup will vary depeding on many factors, including the amount of experience the makeup artist has. Prices range anywhere from $40-$500. Often times, you get what you pay for. Any bride that wants to have her makeup done professionally for her wedding should absolutely invest in a trial and check out the makeup artist's photos. The NYC metro area has lots of wonderful makeup artists and I can make recommendations if anyone would like.

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I know an amazing Hair and Makeup Artist who does both Hair and Makeup. She does hot have to stay for the entire day. She leaves you touch up makeup and she works in Film and television and is amazing. She doesn't charge this much at all. She is located in NY but will travel if needed.
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