how much does an officiant cost?
i am planning out the budget and i want to know about how much one will generally cost ? it is an outdoor, back yard wedding, of a catholic to a born again christian.

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My officiant/Chaplain is $150.

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Mine was $125 and she provided assistance with writing the vows, and met with us also several email messages for no charge.

Brian Cesario Photography, LLC
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It's going to depend on where you're located. The best officiants around here (in the NYC-Metro area) are around $600 and up. In other parts of the country, they might be a little bit less. This is the one and only vendor that I really, REALLY recommend not skimping on, though. This is the person who will legally and/or spiritually unite the two of you in marriage...the whole reason for the day!

Mrs. Reese's Pieces
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They're more expensive than I thought they would be.... I'm paying $175 for mine... and that's with a discounted price for opting to not have a rehearsal (or at least without her there). She gave me samples of other ceremonies she has done so I can tell her what we like.

She was actually the least expensive one that I was able to find... others I found were $250 and above.

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Mine is $200, that includes the officiant and his wife, and the rehearsal

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I'm pretty sure I'm getting ripped off, because mine $180 (including travel costs) and all I get for that is quick vows and signing the license. They said it will last about 5 minutes. Which is fine because that's all I want, but geez.

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Jamie, I don't know anything about the cost of living where you're from, but $180 sounds like a pretty fair price. We checked around with several different officiants, and prices ranged from $200-$325 for the ceremony alone. We decided that the officiant was going to be one of the most important vendors that we could hire, and we decided to just go with the best, regardless the price. We found the perfect Rev. who will come out to our location for both the ceremony and the rehearsal. He gave me some sample scripts, but they're completly customizable. We're paying $300 for the ceremony and $100 for the rehearsal, so $400 total.

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$600 - includes coming to rehearsal and her ceremonies are very personal. She really does put a lot of work into it.

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Angelica, you're getting married on my b'day!

Check out to get average cost for different vendors in different parts of the country.

For example, my fee for a customized ceremony (plus some extra goodies) starts at $225 and goes up the farther I have to travel. Rehearsals start at $50 and go up the farther I have to travel.
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I agree with Brian C. it really depends on what part of the country you live in. We charge around $375 plus travel and more for rehearsal...we also offer other services too, so it really depends. The costs in this area range from day of services from around $300 to personalized/customized ceremonies that are created just for each couple. That costs more, because it takes more time to create. With access to thousands of ideas, years of experience and the personal time it takes to create the perfect ceremony, I would say my charges are somewhere in the middle or about about average for my area.

Good Luck I hope you find the perfect officiant!

Rev Sandy

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We paid $175 for everything. She's been great, sending us different readings she's done in the past, working with us on unique wording, and the rehearsal is included at no charge.


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The going rate in Washington, DC area is $550. They do a good job. Choose a minister or religious officiant if you want a good wedding... I have been to weddings of friends who had Justice of Peace or civil officiants and they were a disaster. They did the vows and rings and ran out the door. Yes they are $150 or $175 as mentioned but they are a 5 minutes and go. Don't be fooled...My mother always said you get what you pay for. Get a minister!
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I'm an officiant in Denver CO. Officiant fees vary widely. Generally for a professional officiant here is in the $400 range. Pricing for officiants isn't dependent on where the ceremony is or how many people are attending. The work we do is the same whether it's for two guests or 200, or in a back yard or country club. Search Wedding Wire or the internet for a non-denominational officiant in your area who has options you can choose from.
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I'm an officiant int he Tampa/Sr Petersburg area and since your love story is unique--and your ceremony can be, too! I will work closely with you to create a ceremony that is a perfect expression of your values, your beliefs, your wishes, and your unique love story.
I will ask you lots of questions; offer you lots of choices; and suggest ideas to make your ceremony "come alive" in ways that express your personalities and your stories. Depending on the amount of travel necessary and the need for a rehearsal, the price can range from $200 - $400.
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