How much did your flowers cost?
If you don't mind my asking :) I'm mainly looking for people with semi-smaller budgets, no $20,000 budgets, because the amount you budgeted for your flowers probably wouldn't work for me lol

I finally heard back from the florist, and got a quote. At first, shock factor, I felt like it was a lot. But then after thinking that this is for all the flowers for the reception, every single centerpiece (which are small), all our bouquets, bouts, throw-away bouquet, corsages, etc, and all the flowers for the church.. It really seems like a good deal to me.

Better yet- You tell me how much you would THINK it would cost for these things, to see if I had a deal :)


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Bridal Bouquet- 5 peonies, stems wrapped in pink and white ribbon

4 BM Bouquets- Hydrangea with 1 or 2 peonies

MOH Bouquet- 1 Hydrangea, 4 peonies, some light pink berrys (I wanted her set apart in at least one way so we chose to make her have a bigger different bouquet)

7 boutonnieres- Made of wheat (which I'm supplying) with a little bow. FS will have light pink berries, 3 will have 1 white rose on theirs.

2 small rose corsages (or whatever you call the ones you pin on) for mothers.


10 hydrangeas for aisle. 5 on each side.

2 medium flower arrangements for front of church. (Our church has a lot of greenery up front so I'm not doing much.

Plain white aisle runner


35 hydrangea (that's pretty much it. maybe some berries. no other flowers, nothing big) centerpieces.

Misc. flowers to decorate cake with, and an arrangement at the cake table (she priced that at $20, so its nothing special)

Head table arrangement, similar to centerpieces

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Then there are miscellaneous things like silk flower petals for flower girl, 1 extra corsage just in case. Like I'm thinking it'll be for the mistress of ceremonies or someone like that.

Whatcha think? How much would you expect to pay for all of that?

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we have 4 bm, 1 fg , 8 boutiners, 1 corsage, 15lg tables , 6 church isles 2 lg at alter just over $3800 but thats NY

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It depends on your area. Where I'm from in MI, I would say about $2000. With that being said. We only did personal flowers to cut the cost. Costing us $260:

bridal bouq-gerber daisys with carnation filler and greens
4BM-gerbs and greens
8Bouts-sweetheart roses and greens/babys breath
3 corsages-pin on style. Same flowers as bouts
Flowers to decorate the cake

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I'm budgeting about $750-$800 for our flowers. Haven't actually met with a florist yet, but if it's over that, we're just going silk. I can't see spending thousands of dollars on something that's going to die in a few hours. That's like paying $500 for a goldfish. Not worth it. But we're getting:

1 Bridal bouquet, 1 toss bouquet
4 Bridesmaids bouquets
8 boutonnieres
4 corsages
2 floral arrangements

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I'm spening $3500 and that's in the Boston area (where everything is SUPER expensive). I found a florist who does wholesale pricing. Most places were starting at $5000 and I just wasn't willing to justify that for flowers. I'm going all out for my flowers for that price so am sure my number would be a lot smaller if I was doing simpler arrangements, etc. Good luck.

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I'm not using a florist, I'm using all fake. My bouqet was $25, I did all four of my girls (BM and MOH) all for $20. and so far (I still have more flowers I need for aisle decor, centerpieces should be done flower wise) I think I've spent about $50-$60 on my centerpieces and aisle decor (the aisle decor and centerpieces I'm just guessing on right now because when I buy a stem of flowers with 5 flowers on it, I get say 5 centerpieces out of one stem. So all in all I would say I've spent near $100 if that much so far. I still need flowers for coursages and boots. I'm expecting to spend around $200 at the most, but that's just me guessing going off of what I have done already and what I have left

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I paid 450$ for all the flowers at my wedding but my centerpieces were pots of orchids and I made my bouquet, bridesmaids bouquet and boutonnieres.

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I'm spending $300 25 shipping for 1 bridal, 3 BMs, 1 Toss, 7 bouts, and 2 corsages of real feel fake flowers.

We were going to do real flowers for the bridal party and the center pieces but it just adds up to be so much money that is going to be thrown away at the end of the day!!!

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my bouquet is 2 dozen hot pink roses with mini white calla lilies
4 BMs- hot pink gerbera daises
1 JBM- small hot pink gerbera daisies
FG- rose petals
toss bouquet (which is included)
7 GM/ ushers/ men on FHs side- hot pink roses and calla
2 Mother and FMIL- wrist callas
5 hot pink gerbera daises for our hair
total: $650

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I got my florist off of craigslist because this was one area I did not want to spend a lot of money on. She was decent but the BM bouquets clashed with their dresses, oh well.

My bouquet
arch decoration
6 BM bouquets
3 corsages
5 boutinerres
12 centerpieces
flower girl basket and petals -which the ring bearer played with all night dumping the petals out and then putting them back in.
Um... I think that was it

total was $750

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plus one thing we saved on was using the arch decoration as the draped centerpiece on our table. Someone here I think gave me that tip and it worked out perfectly.

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Well, you chose expensive flowers, dahling :) It's probably gonna be higher than all the rest of us. But, Mine were about $1500 for 1 bridal bouquet, 2 BM, 5 leis with orchids, 5 bouts, 2 large arrangements, and 12 centerpieces. Oh, and a big bag of petals.

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oh kk... they sound so pretty... i cant even guess because well i might puke at the price! I am not sure mine count... got 'em yesterday! Silk arrangements for $35 i think... thats all the bouquets and flower pettals... did i spell that wrong. petals. thats right. i am not doing the things on the guys... so no help sorry

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I paid a little less than $500 for a metal bouquet with pearls wrapped around it for myself, a smaller metal bouquet for my MOH, a metal bout with pearls for FH, a plain metal bout for BM, and 45 metal "swirly sticks" to be used in the centerpieces.

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So I'm thinking I got an amazing deal.. $800 for all of that. Where I live things are cheaper anyway. Yay!!

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Yes you did get a good deal. We are going with Costco. I am not big into flowers so it was more important for us to spend the money elsewhere.

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kk, that is a great deal! I was going to say somewhere in the neighborhood of $1800.

My Beloved, Inc.

My Beloved, Inc.
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You got a great deal. Hydrangea is expensive where I live in NYC!

Good luck!

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