How much did you pay for your wedding photographer?
The venue I love requires that everyone performing a service in your wedding is a professional with a business license and insurance on file with the venue (the venue is a museum). They gave a list of preferred vendors and I've been checking out their websites. One charged $4,000 for wedding photography, another charged $3,600, another $2,900. And these are all their BASIC packages.

Their photos were beautiful but the prices seem so high. I scrapbook a lot so it's important to me to get really good pictures and plenty of them. What is everyone else paying for their photographs?

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I'm looking @ one in the Dominican Republic and he starts off @ 1,500ish so a place like NYC (hometown) I wouldnt be surprise that they would charge prices in your range. Its understandable why a museaum would ask for a professional...

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I'm paying $7,900.00 for my photographer.... its all day coverage... with 3 different types of photographers..... the whole package together is.... all day wedding coverage, 3 photographers, 30 page custom designed wedding album 14 x 14, Deluxe engagement session on any location, engagement guestbook, 2-8x10 4-5x7 engagament portraits, one image for the newspaper, pre-bridal session, two 16 page parent albums 8x8, 20" custom canvas wall portrait, person web site for one year, one all image DVD and on-line proofing...... its a lot of money but its worth it and its the only photography place we can use with the venue... they have contracts with eachother.

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Just got a quote from another photographer. $4,000. Perfect. I'm never going to be able to convince my mom to help pay for the wedding if she knows that the photographer alone cost $4,000. I can picture it now.
Star: Then there's the photographer's fee, which is $4,000 --
Mom: FOUR WHAT?! Why are you paying someone to take pictures when you have a digital camera? The bridal party can switch off taking photos.

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I'm a wedding photographer and I recently got permission from another photographer to post his article about why wedding photography cost so much. His costs of being in businesses were on the low end since the costs of camera gear and websites, etc., have gone up drastically.

My packages are on the low end for the moment since my target market is for small weddings :)

Nicole: It is worth it!

Star: If the venue is a museum there are legalities involved and they only want you to use photographers that they trust and have used before. $3K to $4K may seem a lot but is not too bad in the long run. But you need to do what is best for you and your budget.

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uuurrrg! my mom was like that toooo....she had told me I need to get really good pics but I don't know what she was thinking cuz when I gave her prices she flipped. And I said what r u talking about u know what they charge in NYC! Geeeeez my graduation pics were over $300 sitting in a studio!!! Well Its gonna be the biggest investment in my wedding(not planning to spend as much on my dress) Think about it, its the only thing that's really gonna last!

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Booked one tonite. She will be $1500 plus tax for 5 hours of coverage, bridal portrait, editing, on line album, dvd and rights to all photos, 50 printed photos. She is in the Florida pandhandle so I'm sure location makes a difference. We love her work and from everything I've read, most brides have said that they were either glad they had a great photographer or wish they had booked a great photographer. I'd rather cut a limo or decor, or bar budget than have a sub=par photographer.

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Thanks for the article, Photoadele! Going to show that to my dad as he is the statistical/rational one in the family.
I'm going with the photographer I like the most ($4,000). All of his photos are so beautiful and he's shot my venue several times and all of his pictures are stunning.
Now I just need to make sure that my mom never sees the actual cost of the photographer...
Rosa, how did you deal with your frugal mom? Mine is really annoying me lately. Anytime I mention something for the wedding she asks how much it will cost and no matter what I say (actual figure, ballpark, etc) it's too much and there's a cheaper (in all definitions of the word) way to do it.

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Tell your mom there is always going to be a cheaper way to do everything but you are looking for quality to last you a lifetime and not frugality to last you five minutes. :)

With that said, I've been procrastinating with finding a photographer because of their prices and lack of good photographers around here. My favorite is 2 hours away and charges $5000 travel. /sigh

Well, at least my videographer is booked! I found him through craigslist. Maybe I should check there again for photos.

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@ Ruby V.: We found our photographer on Craigslist. He was $400 for three hours of coverage, a disk of the edited images, and reproduction rights. He had been with a big agency for years, had recently started his own business, and wanted to build his portfolio, so we got a real deal.

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QUICK QUESTION: Can someone please tell me how insurance works on photography? I have heard many people mention it, but I don't know what it is. Thanks!!

Oh and I am about to book our photographer this Sunday. He is charging us $2400 for the following:
All Day Coverage
-Engagement Session
-DVD of Images (wedding engagement)
-Album - 11x14 upgrade with 20 spreads (40 pages)
-Prints - (1) 20x30in, (2) 11x14, (4) 8x10
-Online Gallery
-Online Slide Show

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Free! My daughter's father offered to take the pictures. His packages usually start at about $3400 in the MD/DC area so I'm excited.

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1800 for 10 hr coverage and the rights to the photos and 100 prints.

Brian Cesario Photography, LLC
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Star, not sure where you're located; however, the national going rate for a professional wedding photographer is about $3,000 (base rate). I'm in the NYC-Metro area, and my package pricing ranges from $2,625 up to $6,775...and those prices will likely be increasing in early 2011. Keep in mind this is an expensive business to be in, and those costs (as with any other business) end up being passed along to the consumer.

Veronica, with regards to insurance, there are two types that professionals carry: liability and indemnity (sometimes called error & omission). Liability insurance covers the costs of any damages incurred by the photographer (e.g., photographer knocks over a lamp at your venue & it breaks) as well as costs of medical care if anyone sustains an injury because of the photographer (e.g., someone trips over the photographer's camera bag). Indemnity insurance covers the costs associated with failure to produce what the client was expecting (for almost any reason).

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We're paying $2895 for photography which includes, E-session, all day services on wedding day with two photographers, all prints, all pics on a disk. Then we are paying $700 for our wedding album, which is imported from the Netherlands.

Brian Cesario Photography, LLC
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I should add that it's uber important to ensure that your photographer has at least a liability insurance policy because many venues won't even allow them onto the property unless they can produce proof of coverage. This question should be at the top of every bride's list when she begins interviewing potential wedding photographers!

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Ours costs $4030 for 2 photographers, all day (plus rehearsal/dinner) and unlimited photos, online gallery, etc.

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Wow, we are paying 150 for the whole wedding day pretty much, she is an old friend but now i feel like i'm seriously ripping her off?

Brian Cesario Photography, LLC
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Ztkyx, is your friend just starting out? And what is she providing for that fee?

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$5200. TTD session, all day coverage (1 photog). Album (leather craftsman) & 30 X 40 canvas, plus the disk with 800 photos.

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yeah she is just starting out, she would like to start her own business soon. She is editing all the pictures and giving us a digital copy of all the pictures so we can have as many copies made as we want
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