How much champagne?
We aren't doing much alcohol, mainly because FS family is very uncomfortable with drinking.. FS's grandfather died a very slow (6 months) and terrible death all because of his alcoholism, and they're pretty sensitive about it. Anyway, FS and I aren't big drinkers anyway, and since both our families are very conservative, we aren't having a bar.

However, we do want to do SOMETHING. So I've just made the executive decision to have champagne. But I have no idea how much to buy.. We're expecting a little under 200 people, but of course I wont know until I start getting more response cards in. But anyway, I have no idea about this stuff.

How many bottles of champagne should I buy for this amount of people?

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I have been doing some research on this myself, and I read that one bottle of champagne holds 6 glasses... so I guess it depends on how many glasses each person has. I was only planning on buying for the champagne toast and that looks like I'll need approx 16 bottles... I don't know how big they are assuming the glasses are either...

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I will have 23 tables total, so I am buying 1 bottle per table, I am having 170 people

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We are planning on 150 people and 20 liters of champagne. We are only expecting the champagne to be used for the toast as we are having a full bar for the rest of the party. Also, we know we can take back anything that's not open (or that we will just use it later but that doesn't sound like the case for you and your FS).

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I'm having 114 and I bought 14 bottles for the toast, plus it is cranberry champagne and that is what I plan on drinking.

Shannon S.
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Is this just for the toast, or for everyone to drink for the duration of the party?

If it's for the toast, you can get away with about 33.33333333 bottles, though let's call it 34.

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Depending on how many people you'll have per table, one or 2 bottle per should be fine

I'm having one bottle per table of 8 for 150 guests, most of them don't drink at all

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I was told by our venue that you can get 8 - 10 glasses out of a bottle if you're just using a "toasting" amount as opposed to a drinking amount. (if that makes any sense). She also pointed out that most people will just toast with whatever they have in their hand at the time whether it's another alcohol or even a soda or juice. Not that many people really like champagne, apparently.

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@ Shannon, thats what I was thinking too, so I think if you were just buying for the toast you could def get away with less then the "recommended" bottle amount!

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