How much can a wedding dress be taken in?
The title pretty much says it all! For a simple, corset type dress, how many sizes can it be taken in (on average)?


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I believe it can be taken in a lot, but it might change the shape of the dress.... I would say 1 to 2 sizes

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Technically, you can probably take it in as many sizes as you want. However, because of the beadwork on my dress, it can only come in about 1 size without losing the integrity of the design. It will depend on what the dress looks like. If it's a simple design without a lot of beadwork it can probably still look good 2-3 sizes down. Any more than that and it just looks wrong.

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It probably depends on material and complexity, but my best friend had hers taken in 6 sizes, and looked perfect. I wouldn't say that's necessarily going to happen with yours, but it isn't impossible. Maybe ask your seamstress?

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Ok thanks! I was debating buying my dress now, but I think I'll wait a bit longer until I've lost more weight and then shop around. I'm just antsy - I'm so worried the dress I'm in LOVE with will be unavailable by April!
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It depends on the dress. Dresses with alot of beading or other details are much more difficult to take in.

If you're in love with a popular dress now, it will be on all the used wedding dress sites by April- so you may be able to get it cheaper!

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That is a good tip! I'm not sure how popular it is. It's Maggie Sottero - so probably quite popular.

Cheaper is better! :D

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I am having the same issue so I called every dress shop around and most tole me they can be taken in alot... One told me she took a 20 down to a 2... But it really depends on the style of the dress and how much you want to spend... Plus they said any more that 2 sizes you should start the process at least 5 month in advance
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