How many songs do I need?
I have 1 moh, 5 bm, 2 fg, and 1 ring bearer, how many songs do I need for the processional?

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i would ask your dj, they should be able to answer that for you :)

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I would have to agree with Heather. You need to talk to your musician about that because it all depends on the length of the aisle and that type of songs that you want to use.

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Your DJ or whoever you have handling the music should be able to help. You can also practice in the rehearsal to see how long it takes.

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I agree- it depends on how long they have to walk, how long each song is, etc. Ask your DJ.
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It does depend on the length of the aisle, but the bridal party does tend to walk a little faster when nervous. Thus, one song is usually adequate.

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I would suggest two songs. One for your party, and one special one for you.

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Im with Landa... for them... and then choose one for you....
Im using this....

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I would THINK that you'd have one for everyone else and one for you as long as people walk at a normal pace and the aisle isn't too long, but definitely discuss it with whomever is doing the music for the ceremony. That's also what the rehearsal is for - figuring out the parts of the music to be used! :)

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As was said- this is a discussion to have with your DJ. Every song has a different length. Every aisle is a different distance. This is something you'll need to work out with them.
But starting to think of possible songs isn't a bad idea.
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