How many people can you fit in a 20x40 tent?
I have a bit of a problem I believe. I have a 20x40 tent for my outdoor reception. All food and the cake and dance floor will be in a separate tent close by so the 20x40 is solely for dinner seating.
My question is...have any of you used a 20x40 tent and how many people did you seat in there. I would like to use round tables for guests and a large rectangular for the head table.

I am thinking 20x40 won't be large enough based on capacity charts that I have seen online. Currently I have a guest list of 110 including 9 young children. Maybe I will have to start cutting the guest list?? :(

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Mrs. Reese's Pieces
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According to :
A 20' x 40' tent could accommodate 100 seated theater style (rows of chairs with an aisle up the middle) or 64 seated at round tables of 8

According to :
20’x40’ (80 people)

I think it just depends on how you plan your seating
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Is the tent there already? There is a way to add a 2nd tent if you can't get a larger one. Talk to the tent company and venue.

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I have a 20 x 60 and the lady sd that was big enough to seat my 85 people at rectangular tables of 10 and the head table at the front as well as food and bar. I really think you will be ok

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Remember that capacity charts are also as many as they can shove in, so there might be little room in between the tables to walk when people are sitting in chairs. My hall said 225 capacity for seated, and I'm pushing it at my 125 more than I'd even like once I made a grid and a grid of tables, because I wanted people to be comfortable.

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I just did a to scale grid - and it looks like I may need to think about cutting guest list (I will try to find another solution - but the area we are putting the tent on won't fit another tent next to it.) We aren't actually paying for the tent as my mom volunteers for a society that has a wedding tent that we can use for free. I may think of moving the tent to a different location though.
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You need at least 10 sq ft of tent for each guest at a round table without any bars, buffets or any other seating.
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April her tent is a 20x40, yours is a 20x60. You have a good deal more space in yours. If she can't get a larger tent, then she needs to cut the guest list.

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I am doing a 30 x 40 tent. According to FHs calculations (he is an engineer) that should fit 8 round tables seating 8 people with space between as well as 2 rectangular buffet tables, the bar table and the cake table.

I would have to agree that you would need a larger tent or cut your guest list to 80 people to fit the tent size you have.

Robin A.
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I think about 80 if you use nine 8 foot rectangular tables and do nothing else with the space. I had a tent this size as well as a 20x20 tent. It ended up being a nice day, so everyone was spread out all over the yard, which worked well.
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A 20' x 40' tent will hold up to 8 tables. If you're looking to maximize your space, I would recommend not having a head table. This way you could seat 8 people per table and have up to 64 people. If you cram 10 per table (and I don't recommend it), you could seat 80 people. In my experience, most seating charts barely figure enough space. So, I wouldn't recommend planning for any more than a chart would allow.

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