How many people ACTUALLY show up to a wedding?
Just wondering if people had experience with what percentage of people actually show up to a wedding. About 50% of the guests are out of town, so we're not sure what to expect and don't want to invite too many people! Anyone have any experience or a good rule of thumb?

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I have always been told to expect at least 80% of the total invited. Now, that being said, you should plan on everyone that you invite attending. I say this because if you invite people thinking that they won't come, then chances are you won't budget for them. But what happens when they do come? Also, if your venue has a capacity limit, you want to plan on all invited guests coming so that you don't go over that limit. If the limit is 150 then don't invite 200 just because you think that fifty won't show. Hope this helps.

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I just posted something similar. I cant wait to see the responses. We invited 115, FH is kind of worried because it is all adding up- especially when we had 55 people at first on the first list.
So we will see, so far we had 6 RSVPs, plus us is 2- so thats 8 people... BUT I mean with the wedding party/family and their dates it goes up, but they arent being added until I get their WRITTEN RSVPS :) haha

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we invited 190 and 170 RSVP'd that they could make it. Of the 170 we expected we had 10 no shows although all of them still gave a gift but had various excuses why they didn't make it.

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We invited 128 and 100 RSVP'd.

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We invited 138 (including wedding party) and it looks like we will get about 100 guests from that. (My Mom's whole family is from Texas or New Mexico so it's a long trip.) I was so worried about numbers I never thought I would end up below my planned number! (Yay for saved $$$)

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My cousin got married in February, all but about 8 people came out of the 145 she invited.

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There were only 4 people who didnt respond, and they did not come.

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great question, because i was thinking about this yesterday. We sent out 70 invitations accumulating to 115 people, so far out of 70 invitations 20 have rsvp'd and out of 115 people 70 are attending....let's see who really shows up at the wedding then. yay for saving money, but what if they say they are going, you pay for their plate and at the end they don't show? what then ugh!!!

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thanks everyone for your responses: we want to have as many people as possible at the wedding, but don't want to go over our venue's limit. We are thinking about trying to send out invites early to the exact number of people that we can invite and have room for, and then when we hear "no" back from people, sending out invites to the people on our list who we didn't originally have room for. We'll see if we try that and if it works!

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I am panicking because my guest list is at 250 and the chapel only holds 160! I really hate to just invite some to the reception! It looks like I might have too! I think I'm gonna convince the FH to just send out some announcements too. I think its silly to invite people we know that live overseas and we know they can't make it!

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Our wedding is on the beach and we have 90 people so far that are coming (including us and the wedding party). We dont have a limit, but there are only going to be 20 chairs (for the parents and disabled or elderly) So everyone else will be standing at the ceremony, I just really hope people dont think they will all have chairs! I'm kinda starting to freak out about how many people are actually coming!!! We are having a buffet style reception has any else had to feed this many ppl? If so what did it run you?! I need suggestions on how to make this as inexpensive as possible!!!
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