How many flowers in bouquet?
I plan on making my own bouquet with fake flowers (the real touch ones). Im not sure what kind of flower i will be using, but if i use normal sized flowers, about how many should i put in the bride bouquet and how many in the bridesmaids bouquets, roughly? I thought the BM bouquets are about half the size of the brides. Is that about right?

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That depends on what type of flower you use. If you look at the other post on here about bout and bouquet (the one with roses) because they are very full flowers you would only need 7 to 9. If you use callah lillies, they are not as full so you would probably need 13 to 15 for the bride's bouquet. Plan on about 2/3 the amount of flowers for the bridesmaid bouquets. If you use hydrangeas they are very, very full and so you might only need 3 or 4 and then put in a few accent flowers.

Also, use odd numbers when making the bouquets - you'll find it balances better than even numbers for some reason.

Hope that helps!

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I used 24 real touch roses in mine (maybe more), 13 in the girls.

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I am using real roses but the numbers of roses I am planning is about 24 for mine, 13 or 15 for Bridesmaids and 9 for moms nosegays.

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I'm doing roses similar to the photos above, and there will be 24 in mine and 12ish in the bridesmaids. This is what my mom, a florist for 20 years, told me she will be using. lol

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I am using about 24 - 36. My arrangement has calla lillies, roses and spider mums

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I have 6 Daisy for the girls & 3 Hydrangeas with 4 Daisy for mine got them all at Michaels Daisy were $1 & Hydrangeas were $1.50 each

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I'm using the real touch calla lilies for my bridesmaids, theirs will have 10 and my MOH will have 15.

For mine I will use different flowers (real touch too) calla lilies, roses and hydrangeas :)

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Have 2 dozen carnations and the girls have a dozen

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totally can't remember but Im pretty sure I read an article on how to do that on the martha stewart website, like how many stems for BM's and how many for bride, of course wont be the same for a rose as hydrangea's
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