How many cupcakes per person ?
i "think" (still havent decided for sure), we are having a small cake to cut on a cake stand, with 2 small cupcake towers (they hold 24 each) then sheet cakes for the rest. we estimate about 300 people. if we do all cupcakes do we need to have 1 per person or ?

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I'm doing 1 per person. :)

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I wouldn't suggest mixing cupcakes and sheet cakes. You might have a bidding war. I would choose one or the other.

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1 cupcake should be enough. No one needs more than that. :)

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i agree with both things said before me.
pick one type of thing and have one slice/cupcake per person.

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thank you, so if i do the cupcakes would it look ok if they are not all on towers ? i was thinking the cupcakes for the kids, but im sure i could do all cupcakes..maybe even one of those giant cupcakes for us to cut !

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To clarify what I'm doing - I'm having a small two-tier cake for FH & I to cut into for pictures & whatever. The cupcakes are for the guests & will not be allowed to have cake... I don't know why they'd want cake though, as it's going to be the same flavor as the cupcakes. PLUS we're ordering cupcakes in 3 different flavors! Hello delciousness!

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I'm with Baby D. our cake will be a small 2-tier...and the rest will be cupcakes {120 to be exact}. So I think that's plenty...not everyone likes cake.
We also will have a few sweet potato pies, per my mother's request, so there should be enough for everyone. If not, pftt, I'm not gonna worry!

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I currently have a guest list of 106 and I have tentatively ordered 130 cupcakes. However, that number will be confirmed in August once the RSVP's come back. But I am also purchasing cupcake boxes so if I do have leftovers I can give them to the kids at the wedding when they head home. We also have 1 tier for FH and I to cut as well.

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Thanks for this thread Barbara. We want to do cupcakes too, and your question has crossed my mind.

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we're doing a small cutting cake, and cupcakes for everyone, we'll have some cupcakes on towers, and some on the table. We're having one cupcake per person... with a few extra thrown in, just incase :)

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your welcome Stacy

And michelle i think that we will have them on small trays on the table. I guess i may be making some small signs with the flavors so each tray can be differant!

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I'm doing 1.25 the number of cupcakes for the guests...
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Best bet is to make a "buffet" style table. Normally, 1 cupcake per person, especially since not everyone eats them, and a small cutting cake for you. I also recommend a mini wedding cake instead of just a cutting cake, like a 2 tiered cake made of a 6 & 8 inch cake, so you still have the top cake to keep for the tradition.

Use a couple of stands for the cupcakes as well as different level boxes and platters all under a table linen so you have all different height stands, like you would see on a buffet. Looks great, especially with a large number of cupcakes!

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we're doing cupcakes too- we're having one giant cupcake for us to cut with the bride/groom figurines on top, then two tiers of regular size cupcakes (1 per guest), and a few scattered tiers of mini cupcakes and other homemade pastries.

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We're having cupcakes as well. I have about 150 invited, and I will probably make about 200. I will have little favor boxes for people to take them home with them, but once it gets closer and I have my total RSVP's, then I will decide on the total number. We will have a small cake to cut, and the rest will be on tiers, and scattered on the table. I think it's ok to place them on the tables with decorations around them. I'm placing old pictures of weddings past from our family on the table... Hey, people are getting free cupcakes! If they want to complain on how they're arranged, they don't deserve one! :) IMO :)

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Depends on how many flavors you'll have. When I'm at a wedding/event where there is more than 1 flavor, I want to try them all, and I usually do. That's why our cakes were two flavor in each slice. Bottom was mocha and top was vanilla.

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I'd say between 1 and 1.5 cupcakes per guest--toward the high end if you have multiple flavors or if the cupcakes are smallish.

We did mini-cupcakes, and had 4 per guest, and it was WAY too many. I don't think people even ate half of them, seriously, which was surprising since it had been a few hours since dinner and we had 10 or 12 different flavors!

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I also wanted cupcakes, but after a few reviews on another site I decided against it. The majority of couples ordered 1 to 1.5 per person, most couples had half or more of the cupcakes left after the reception and were trying to give them away. I personally would have froze them.
Cupcakes are not cheap. In our area they go for $3 to $4 each. I would not want to waste them.
We also went to a caterers tasting dinner last week and to be honest they were hard to eat. Here there was an elegant sit down dinner with linens, silver and crystal and then they handed us a paper napkin with a cupcake to eat with our hands. Our plates had been taken away so there was no place to put the wrapper. Just awkward.
Don't get me wrong. I love cupcakes but they don't fit into every meal situation and you may have a lot of them wasted.

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thanks for all of the advise/comments.. always appreciated ... @ MRS WFL, thanks for the pix I could def do the box type stand very easily and my set-up friends could mock that as well. gotta look for some boxes now, will try the shoe shore for some boot boxes !!

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I think 1 cupcake per person should be enough but its better you don't take a chance and bring some extra cupcakes. If there are any cupcakes left in the end, you may just pack them up in beautiful cupcake boxes and give them as a gift to your close ones.
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