How many bridesmaids is too many?
I have a lot of really close girlfriends and I want all of them to be my bridesmaids so i have about 13 many bridesmaids is too many bridesmaids?

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hmmm 13 seems like alot to handle its up to you I think more than 5 is hard to manage schedules and get together and coordinate

Mrs Lilow
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I think it depends on how many guests you're having. 13 is a lot in my personal opinion...but if you're having 400 guests its not too bad. Really it is your day so do what makes YOU happy, but since ya asked.... ;) yes I think 13 is too many...think about the fact that they will all need dresses, hair & makeup done, bouquets, bridesmaid gifts etc sounds overwhelming to me! I am having 5 BM's and about 165 guests. I went to a wedding over the summer and Bride and Groom each had 9 attendents, I thought it was a little much. I mean, are all these girls truly still going to be your close friends in 20 years?

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In my opinion....13 is 9 too many. LOL!

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I originally only wanted 4 but the FH won that battle and we are having 5 a piece. Any more than that I would want to pull my hair out!

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I am having 5 and even though all the girls have been FANTASTIC and helped in every way possible, it's very stressful to have to coordinate everyone's schedules and such. What about having some of them handle the guestbook or give out programs or do readings? other ways of incorporating them in your big day may narrow it down a bit. but in the end, it's your wedding and if you want 50 people standing up there with you, you should do it! GL!

Mrs. Boat
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I personally think 13 is a lot... but it's just your thing, you know? If you are planning to give them gifts, that's going to be a whole bunch of money. Trying to coordinate all of those people is going to be a HUGE task. Is your FH going to have that many friends to match your number of BMs?
Just a few things to think about. Look... that's a heck of a lot of people to try to fit into pictures, and the venue itself lol

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I personally do not think the # of bridesmaid has anything to do with the number of the guests, I've always believe that anything over 8 is way too many but this month I've been too so many weddings that had way more than that and it worked so I think none is too many. The only thing to take into consideration is your budget, if you plan to give gifts, that's more people to buy gifts for. More bouquets to pay for and if you're having the same amount of groomsmen, more boutonniers to pay for. And the other thing is where your ceremony will be held, how big is the place? because you want everyone to be comfortable and you don't it to look overcrowded.

I was a bridesmaid a few weeks ago at my friends wedding and it was 13 of us up there, luckily the church was big enough so everything went well, we all fit in the pictures.

I was at another wedding this past sunday, they had 10 bridesmaid and 10 junior bridesmaids, again the church was very big, so everything look fine to me.

2d Bride
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The more bridesmaids you have, the bigger the expense and the likelihood of drama. However, only you can tell how many is "too many."

As for me, I had one female attendant and one male attendant at each of my weddings. (And that was total, not just for me.) And I have never regretted that decision for a moment!
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