How long should the ceremony last??
Hi ladies, I'm not sure how long the wedding ceremony should be. I want to incorporate everything without having guests sit to long and begin to be uncomfortable. Any advice would be great.

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Well, Catholic ceremonies can be up to an hour (sometimes more) so it's really up to you. I think a half hour is pretty good but you should incorporate everything YOU want! :)

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Past wedding I've been to lasted about 30-40 min because they had everybody in the family in the wedding. Personally for me 20min top because guest might lose attention and our ceremony site is on that thin line of not having enough seating. So 20mins-25 mins is reasonable enough incase someone has to stand. I hope not!

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My officiant said 15 to 30 minutes
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Mine usually last about 20 minutes. It depends on how much the couple want in their ceremony such as sand ceremony, family vows, extra readings, music, etc. So 20 to 30 minutes, generally.

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I agree with 20-30 mins... 30 would be our max! Think not only about your guests but also about the fact that you'll be standing (possibly in heels) for that amount in time in front of everyone, possibly outside, etc.... there are lots of things that factor into it so I would go with what works for you!


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This is something we ask our couples, how long do they want it to last and we try to work around their wishes. It can be a quickie, 10 minute ceremony or we can draw it out to 45 minutes if that's what they want but I think our average is 25 minutes.

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This was such a great question. I was wondering the same thing. I am having a notary perform my ceremony. And I was wondering how long it will be. My ceremony and reception is in the same place. I don't want it to be too long. I want to do it and start partying. I would like to light a unity candle and have a reading that's about it everything else can be regular

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My ceremony will be at least an hour...Think of all the money you gonn spend on rentals just for 10 minutes. So I'm determined to have my ceremony last at least an hour. Good Luck!

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an hour!! Um wow His, you might want to rethink that, yes it can be costly but to make your guests sit an hour??!! Sorry but I don't agree.

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BUT do as you wish, afterall it is YOUR day :)

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Ours will be about 20 mins, we are doing the Unity Candle but other than that, everything is basic.

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@Traci_Bob,it gonna be an hour....Half of them is not gonns be asked to come anywayz, so who cares....and the family/ close friends will enjoy it cause it will be an hour of being on the edge of their seat.....Its not like it is gonna be a boring hour so it will go by fast....Thanks,but you right it is MY DAY!!!

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My FH have been to a few weddings lately that have been around 10 minutes or less. I'm always surprised by these because you do so much planning for things that it really IS over in a flash. My first wedding was just under 30 minutes if you include prelude music. I got lots of compliments about how that was a nice amount of time. This time it will be a Catholic wedding (FH wants it there) but without communion. Because there are FOUR required readings versus the TWO readings at my church we're guessing it'll be closer to 40 minutes which is pushing my comfort level a bit. At least we'll be sitting down for those 4 readings.

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Our ceremony will only be 15-20 minutes. We are having no readings and no singers and no unity ceremony of any kind. I have 7 bridesmaids so it will take some time to walk down the aisle and the minister will do a short sermon but other than that we are just saying our vowels. I think the only time a ceremony goes longer than 20ish minutes is if you are Catholic. And for those I have had to sit through 40 minutes to an hour and half. I am not Catholic so I didn't enjoy those ceremonies. Way too long in my opinion.

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Our cermony will be about 20 minutes. We have a small wedding party so the procession will be short. We wont have any singers but will have a few readings (poems) and a sand ceremony.

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From beginning to the very end, with processionals, readings, parents dedication, gospel, vows, and sand ceremony, we estimate about 30 - 45 minutes

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I think ours will be about 45 minutes. We have some musical talent in our family that I would like to show off. Also we are going to sing a hymn as a congregation and have a couple readings. Not all of this time will be seated. Hopefully it wont be boring to people.

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I'm thinking ours will be about 30-40 mins. from processional to the recessional.

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Ours is 30 mins. Short and simple is what I like but nice. I don't like to board people with too much talking and to many people singing. Lets get down and party.
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The length of the ceremony depends a bit upon whether it is in church or at the reception site, your religious background, and whether the officiant is a chaplain, a justice of the peace, or a judge. A Catholic mass is an hour. Most other Christian and Jewish ceremonies are around a half hour.

In my experience, most ceremonies that take place at the reception hall are between 20 and 30 minutes. If it's a civil ceremony and the officiant is a judge or a JP, it will be very basic and brief unless you care to add some readings.

If if is a religious ceremony and the officiant is a minister, there will probably be some readings, a homily and perhaps some other rituals such as a unity candle. It IS your ceremony and you should incorporate the things that are meaningful to you. However, I would caution you against including too many special rites since they can loose their effectiveness. The length of the ceremony will depend on its content but around 30 minutes is usually a good length.
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