how long in advance to book everything...would like to know
ok, now i know with the florist you just book them about a couple of weeks to a month in advance, but what about everything else?? How long in advance? Cake bakery? DJ, caterer? and everything future mother in law said it was the photographer and the church that you worry about first and then later everything else, but i would like to know how soon everyone did theres...i read different wedding checklists all the time and they all are at different times! I know i only have a year and a month but i dont want to miss anything...maybe im just freaking out right'll pass, lol

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The reason all of the checklists are different is because they are all just suggestions. It would be possible to do everything in a month if you wanted to, but if you want to be able to be picky about your venues, food, etc you'll want to do them further in advance so you have more to choose from.

Definitely get the church and the reception venue (if it is in a different place) first. Then I would look for a caterer and photographer. If nothing else goes right, at least you have a place to be, food to eat, and pictures for memories!

I wouldn't wait so long before getting a florist either... I would say 3 months ahead of time. Again, not that you couldn't do it in a month but it will save you some stress if you get it done earlier.

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Hi Linda-
You are getting married the week before me:)

My FH and I actually have everything booked already. There was one big reason for that - June is a big wedding month around where I live and the venues fill pretty fast, along with photographers and everything else. I suggest to start looking now - especially your church, reception place and photographer. But honestly - since you are a June bride, most places will book you this far in advance. We've had everything booked that needed to be booked by March just to be safe. I didn't want to get stuck with something I wasn't going to be happy with because I waited.

Don't mean to stress you out or make you freak out more - I'm very organized and anal when it comes to planning stuff. If you can book it now, go ahead and start. It isn't too early:)
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Hi, Linda,

Looks to me like you have plenty of time to plan. Here is one way to go about it: Make a list of everything you think you will need to do and put the things that are most important to you at the top of the list. Probably ceremony location, reception location, officiant, caterer and photographer are going to be near or at the top. Work on those first. If you book a reception hall now, you will probably have a good choice (unless brides in your area are way ahead of where they are here). The more you can plan ahead, the better off you are. Just because the checklist says not to book a florist until 8 weeks ahead of time, there is no reason you can't book your favorite florist now if that will make you happier. When you have an idea of which vendors you want to use, call them and ask them how far out they will book your date. Ask them when they are likely to fill up. And then relax, get a little bit done every week, and keep things organized in a big 3-ring notebook!

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I booked everything as soon as I found a vendor I liked! My hall was booked a year and 2 mo in advance and everything else was from a year to 5ish months. If you're sure you've found someone you like and you have the money to book, I'd do it right away. June is a busy month for weddings and better to be safe than sorry and have one less thing to worry about! If you're still wanting a more definite answer, I would start researching vendors and ask the ones you're interested in how early in advance they usually get booked, but still that's just an estimate! Good luck!!

PS For me, the first few months of my engagement were the most stressful because I felt overwhelmed and there was so much more to wedding planning than I had realized. But, once I stressed myself out and looked at what felt like a million different websites I got over it and was able to calm down and pace myself. Do what is most important to you first.

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I booked everything a year in advance, but even by doing that I still didnt get the exact day I was already taken believe it or not? And let me just say....a year FLIES by....Im running out of time matter how much you seem to get done...when it comes down the wire it suddenly seems like you didnt accomplish anything LOL
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Definitely look at your photographer way out in advance. I'm already getting inquiries for the 2011 season myself. Not only will you get your choice of photographers, in many cases, you can save money. With rate increases, I charge my current rate for when an event is booked, not what the rate will be in the future.

June is probably the busiest month for weddings too!

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I would book your ceremony and reception venue NOW. I picked a place that I never thought was that busy but in December 08 they were booked untill May 2010. The only reason I got in this October was because My FMIL knew one of the ladys who ran the location and got me in the last weekend the park is open (they normally wont book that day for clean up)Officiants also book up rather quick too. Food and flowers you should do after that, You can never be too soon in booking anything but you can be too late.

Donaji M.

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Book your location, caterer and coordinator right away. Those are the ones who go the fastest. DO NOT wait up until a month before the wedding to get your florist. It can take months to put together your design and color scheme. Event longer if you are doing specialty or extravagant designs. So after you get your catering and rentals, get your florist, DJ, video and photo. The limo, alcohol and favors are the last things that you will need to get.

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Honestly, you should start now looking for each one of your Vendors. I only say that because I am one and I know of a wonderful DJ..that is already getting bookings for next year. If you don't have a photographer yet, please stop by and check my storefront out...I am willing to travel My prices are very very reasonable and I can give you the name of a great DJ as well unique celebrations...they are on here as well. They will travel also. Great prices by the way. Make your own checklist and start with the place that you will be getting married, then I would go from WHAT you think is most important to you and your soon to be hubby. That would be my advise...but start now looking and getting different prices and signing your contracts...The sooner you start the sooner you get your vendors paid off and do not have to worry about them.
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Hi Linda,
Yes definately book your reception, church, & photographer within the next 2 months. Florist...maybe in the next 3-4 months and DJ soon after. I do wedding stationary and I'm usually the last stop for brides. Check out my website if you have a chance, I do custom orders nationwide as well as overseas. I hope that helps. Thao

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I agree with your future mother in law and start with the church and photographer, but I would add the reception, especially if you want to use one of the more popular venues in your area. The sooner you start your search for these three the better. It takes time to find locations you love and photographers who match your personality, style, needs and budget.
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