How long do tea lights last?
And is there a wax that lasts a little longer for tea lights?

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Tea lights will burn for about 4 hours. If you want something that will burn longer, use votive candles. Depending on the size you get, votives will burn up to 10 hours. The biggest advantage to tea lights is if you leave them in the little tin or plastic cup, the clean-up is a lot easier.

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Well the cheapo ones you get at walmart burn about 2-3 hours.They do have different kinds that burn for like 5-6 hours you can probably find online.If you need a tealight to burn a long time,I would recommend soy candles.I make soy candles and I can tell you that they burn a lot longer than parrafin wax candles do.

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I learn something new everyday on here :)

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July is definitely right. My cheap ones only burn for 3 hours, maximum. Soy lasts the longest, then beeswax. Soy will also burn the cleanest [you are less likely to get black soot on the holders.] They are also more expensive and harder to find though.

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I usually get the votives in the glass holder from Big Lots that are 12 in a package for $6 and they last from 4-5 hours. I use these with my catering job. The ones from Michae's that are a bit more expensive last the same.

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You can always do LED candles - no wax & mess.. Lol :)

There are quite nice LED candles which looks very similar to real deal.
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