How far in advanced can I expect them to RSVP for my Destination Wedding?
I am getting married in Hawaii on June 26, 2011. When should I expect people to RSPV since they have to buy plane tickets and stuff?

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It's tough with a DW (mine was in Punta Cana, DR). Because some people might not book until spring 2011. Sometimes people's circumstances change (that they don't think they can go right now, but then later, they can and vice versa). I would say as long as they RSVP at least 3 months prior to the wedding? I'm not sure how big your wedding is though. I went through my hotel for the package, and they only needed a final count 1 month in advance.

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Hey Jenn :) Im getting married in the DR and what I did was send out my save the dates over a month in advance with travel agent info. That way ppl could make a deposit and monthly payments for the trip if they wanted. So, from there I got a good estimate. However, like Jenn said I think a lot more people will wait till spring to pay for their trip. I'm sending out formal invitations with an RSVP date by March 25 3 months b4 our DW!

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Also think about refund check time! LOL. People become "refund rich" in the spring. I think the sooner you give everyone notice the better. All of our friends and family were given a year's notice.

@Dream-we need to catch up, girl! So I can fill you in on everything! PM with your personal email so I can send you pics of the resort/wedding/you name it! LOL.

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Our wedding was in Puerto Rico with 60 guests. We did not do a formal save the date, but instead sent out our invitation six months in advance with a RSVP date five months before the wedding. Most knew the wedding was coming, and if they knew they could not make the wedding they RSVP-ed quickly. We then were able to send out a few "second round" of invitations to friends when family turned down their invitation.
It was important for me to make the RSVP super early because then I could help guests book travel. Ideally four to three months is the best time to find deals on booking tickets.
The other thing we did was to include on our RSVP card three options: Joyfully accepts, Regretfully declines, and/or requests information on stateside reception. That way everyone felt included even if they couldn't make the wedding.
I know that what we did was probably not within "proper etiquette" but it was what worked for us and worked out well with our guests.

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It really depends upon whether or not your having all your guests handle their own travel arrangements as individual bookings, or you're trying to get a group rate. The rules are totally different for each.
We usually set a timeline with the bride, and try to give guests as much advance notice as possible. ( up to a year) This way we can determine if we can offer a group rate and payment plans based on the number of people who commit to going.
Managing a destination wedding is no small undertaking. Anytime that you mix family, friends, and money, things can go south quickly. I would really recommend that you have someone else manage the travel and payments for you.
Best of luck!

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Congratulations! It's a good idea to send out save the dates now so your guests know ahead of time that they will be invited to a destination wedding and can check into hotel and travel options. The normal time frame to mail out your invitations for a destination wedding is 8 weeks before the wedding, and a respond date of 2 weeks before the wedding(especially when you've mailed a save the date ahead of the invitation). But some brides opt to give themselves an extra week for the respond date to get their last minute items completed such as place cards, favor tags, etc. If that makes you more comfortable, mail your invitations out 1 week earlier. (Make sure you check the reception site and ask them how far in advance they require you to give them your final guest count.)
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