How Early Should You Start Your Fittings--what did you do?
Hi Ladies,

So as you can see my wedding is not until September and I was thinking on my ride home from early should you begin fittings? How many fittings should you have? Just wanted some outside opinions, but I plan to call my dress shop who is also doing my alterations...but the shop is about 45 mins away...for their suggestion as well...

Thanks ladies!

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My bridal shop where I also did my alterations suggested 2 months prior to the wedding to start your fittings. How many will depend completely on your dress and your own situation. Your seamstress might get it perfect the first time, so you'll only need to go in twice. You may need to make some other slight changes which would require another visit.

I had 4 fittings total before my dress was perfect and ready to go. Although that was just because my body is stupid and I commonly fluctuate about 5 lbs give or take. So one fitting, it was tight and had to be let out a tiny bit on my hips to avoid the fabric pulling, and the next fitting we took it right back in.

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I feel you on the distance/time away thing... but my dress is a 45 minute FLIGHT away or an 8-10 hour drive.

Anyway, so I had my first fitting when I was going to be in town after my dress had arrived. I'm trying to schedule my 2nd one as we speak (the shop is giving me the run around, but I'm trying to be calm about it).

Hopefully it'll be perfect and we can drive it back home next week.

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yikes @Merfy Lou that is a real bummer!! I know 45 mins is not much and don't mean to sound bratty but also don't want to waste trips....certainly much less intrusive than your case!!

@MrsOhler...thanks! I have a corset back so I have some wiggle room and luckily I don't need it hemmed I just have to have the top taken in, the one strap shortened and a bustle added.

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nice! I opted out of the bustle since my train isn't incredibly long, but I did have it hemmed. I can't wait to see it again :)

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My Seamstress had me come in six weeks out for my first fitting. My second is scheduled on the 19th. Two weeks out from my wedding. I needed it hemmed significantly , taken in considerably and had a french bustle put in.

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My seamstress told me to come in for the first fitting mid August, so that would be about 5 weeks-ish before and then she will fit again about 2 weeks before.... unless we have some kind of issues

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Hi month twin! Thanks for posting this - I was thinking the same thing, especially since I just tried it on this afternoon and I can't even get the modesty panel to hook up! I so want to lose the extra inches before my first fitting so if I can put that off until the first of August that makes me feel much better.

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My bridal salon said 8-10 weeks out for first fitting. But the shop is also about 5 minutes away from home.

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I got my dress at davids bridal and they told me 6 weeks before my wedding. I'm so picky and self concious about myself, I willl probable have 3 fitting just to make sure everything is right. Going strapless so, you know how that goes! it all depends on how you feel! You have to be comfortable with how you look and know how beautiful you are. Good luck, can't wait to see your pics!

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My wedding is in September also. My lady is having me come in next week for my first fitting. I have been told that your first fitting should be soon after you get your dress.

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I went for my first fitting today. I haven't changed weight more than 1 lb up or down in like three years, so I'm not worried about the dress not fitting later. I wanted to make sure I had enough time to get anything changed in case it didn't work out on the first few times.

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I got my final fitting today. Bit early but I wanted to get it done. I am pretty stable for my weight.

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my wedding is same day as yours. I went in March, realised I needed to loose an inch or have it altered. Opted to try to lose that inch. (did, now seeing if it stays off) Next Appt is mid July.
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