How do you make a wedding card box??
Ive looked all over the internet at these wedding card boxes that I think look pretty cool and you can make them to match your colors and style but all the ones I like are anywhere from $100-$150 so I think I can make one for alot cheaper. Have any of you guys ever made one though and know the best way to go about it?

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I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased 3 round cardboard hat boxes in staggered sizes. I plan to wrap them in faux leather fabric and then spray paint them so the texture is similar to fondant icing. I'll probably wrap ribbons or arrange flowers around the seams to cover them, and I might try that floral wax spray to make the details look like real icing or flowers.

My vision is to make it look like one of these real cakes. We'll see what happens!!

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Sorry those photos are humongous and take up the whole page. Is there a way to resize images when you attach them on this site? Is that annoying to people? :)

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No. Sorry.

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If you check you can find a bunch of tutorials that will help guide you through this process. Here's an example of one:

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Google 'birdcage wedding box'....they're easier to make. All you need is a birdcage, ribbon, and a sticker.

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Kris, a really easy way to "hide" the seams is to minimize them, I'd take the tops off the two top boxes, and flip them over, that way the only seam you really have to hide is the one on the bottom one.

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woww thanks for posting this... Really handly i have to look this up!

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Wow these look amazing! I just found my next DIY project! Thanks ladies!
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