How do I set up an RSVP online?
Is there somewhere on here where I can set up RSVPs online? And how can I make of note that this is an option on the RSVP card that goes with the invite? I am trying to cut cost on stamps so if the guest had an option other than mailing it back, I'm thinking I wouldn't need to include stamps on the rsvp envelope.

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As long as you have your wedding website thru wedding wire you can add the RSVP app to your wedding page. I have not done it so I can't tell you exactly how it works on the technical side.

In regards to your invites on your response card I would print on it. For your convenience please RSVP on-line at www.YOUR WEDDING I am not 100% sure about this one, but it sounds good to me.
A favor of a reply is requested before April 8, 2002 at"
"Please respond on or before April 8, 2002 at"
"We look forward to seeing you! Kindly respond on or before April 8, 2002 at"
"The favour of your reply is requested via our online RSVP before April 8, 2002, located for your convenience at: password: truelove."

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Since mine is a desination wedding, I knew I would get a lot of declines and didn't want to spend a ton of postage on them. I enclosed an RSVP card sending them to my weddingwire site and giving them a deadline. It's really easy, just input your guests names - it will also give you the option of a household name for each individual. Such as Tom and Joan Hatcher will be 2 under the Hatcher household if that makes sense.

I checked it today and have several accepts and 2 declines. It doesn't email me, so I have to go to "guests" on here and look :)

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Hi there!

We have created an RSVP Tutorial that will provide you with all the steps needed to implement the tool and how to use it: do I Use The RSVP Tool?

If you have any other questions, please feel free to e-mail us at

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Thanks everyone! I still want to give the option of mailing the card back so I was thinking of putting the usual phase and then at the bottom putting please respond by April 10, 2010 through mail or at Would that work?

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Food for thought...if you cant need to ask how to setup, then the guest will most likely not comply. I tried with my guest and alot complained about the computer.

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really t.j? do you don't think its worth it?

At Last!!!!!
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WW has a good one!!

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Online is working fine for me, although I do have a small wedding. I sent out over 100 invitations, but will only have about 40 at the actual wedding.
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