how do I secure the card box from getting stolen?
I have heard more and more lately of people stealing the card box from weddings. any suggestions as to how to secure the card box?

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wow thats insane! I have never heard of such a thing. I would hope that the people you invite you know well enough not to have to worry about such a thing. I really dont know how there is a good way to secure it. A hotel we were at once had a huge mailbox sorta thing for the cards that was would be pretty hard to walk out with something that big....

Reverend Brian Cookson

Reverend Brian Cookson
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That is very interesting. I would think since it is family and friends, that are at your wedding, this sort of thing would not happen. I guess you never know. I have seen very elegantly decorated lock boxes used in the past. I wish you lots of luck with that.

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It's not just card boxes. It's cameras that people leave on tables (their own personal cameras -- not the disposable "wedding" ones), it's ladies purses being sifted through, it's mens suit jacket pockets that are hanging on the back of a chair.

Everyone may be "family and friends" but, seriously -- how well do you know your Great Aunt Enda's second cousin once removed? Or well do you know your venue/catering staff?!?

Have someone keep a close eye on not just the card box, but the gifts as well. Have these MOVED or REMOVED to somewhere safe. There's no reason why a table full of gifts needs to sit there all night. When dinner is underway, have someone discretely take everything to a secure room.

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I don't think your family or friends would steal the items, it would be the staff at the venue. They know everyone is having a good time and valuable items are unattended. My suggestion, and I will do this at my wedding next week..........I will have the card box near my sweetheart table or on the grooms cake table which will be behind us

Reverend Brian Cookson

Reverend Brian Cookson
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I wanted to add one other thing. It may not be your guests that you would have problems with it could be the servers, and other members of the wedding staff or vendors. Yes I have heard of stealing at wedding receptions but it was the staff that was stealing not so much your FRIENDS and FAMILY. If you do not know the person you are inviting get to know them or do not invite them. Keep an eye on your gift table and when the reception is on the way have someone that you trust place the gifts and chest in a safe location. My first instinct would be it would be the staff that does those things not close family and friends.

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I disagree with the other posters. I HAVE heard of this a few times. Rule #1, position the gift table in a corner sort of behind your head table. or somewhere not near the entrance/exit. Rule #2, its usually not YOUR guests that steal from you, its inscrupulous guests from other events at your venue with nothing better to do but wonder around and snoop. Rule #3, talk to your planner or the manager of your venue and address your concerns with him/her and see what the response is.

I would follow the one suggestion...once everyone is settled have someone relocate your gifts to a secure location.

Good luck...gosh I hope this isn't a wet blanket for everyone!!


dj chic
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It is sad that it has to be addressed but I have also heard stories so it can happen. Although I'm not sure many guests give cash and not checks.

My mom made me a beautiful money bag that matched my wedding gown. I held onto it while visiting tables and if not, I left it with my mom.

If you are using a box, keep it on or near your table and assign a few family members, parents, godparents, siblings to keep an eye on it.

Holliday Weddings

Holliday Weddings
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It is always a good idea to assign someone to take the gifts and cards away to a secure location (locked room or vehicle) once dinner is served. It is unfortunate that we have to plan for these things, but it's good that you're on it. If you have a wedding coordinator you can add this to her list of duties on your day, if not, you can always assign this to someone in your bridal party.

~Heather Holliday
Holliday Weddings

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Wow, that is crazy, I too have never heard of such a thing, who would do that and why? Have it placed on your table to be safe is all I can suggest but My gosh, theses days you cant even enjoy your own wedding without worrying about things like this, what is this world coming to? in any event good luck on your precious day.


Perfectly Planned by Candida
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Yup, this is a very sad and unfortunate thing that does happen more often than not. Being a Coordinator, I always suggest a nice size Money Well, Money box, or Birdcage holder. It is very obvious and much safer than leaving envelopes loose on the gift table. Myself or my assistant typically keep a good eye on the gift table and try to set it up in an obvious and good focal area. I also have all of the gifts and money box removed approximately 45 minutes to one hour before the reception is over. This eliminates gifts and gift cards going missing while everyone is trampeling the dance floor and the table becomes hard to see. Best Wishes!

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I don't know where you are having your reception, but most reception sites will pull your card box and hide it away until after the reception. You can ask someone to pull it about 15-30 minutes into the reception, because by then everyone has placed their card. Also, depending on who is taking your gifts, you might want to consider just taking your card box and putting it into their car

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I plan on having my mom check my wedding card box periodically for cards, collect them and put them in a satin money bag throughout the night. I plan on keeping it in a highly visible place, on a designated gift table. Hopefully it will be all checks and no cash to worry about. :)
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