How do I invite my single friends to our wedding?
We have a limit of 100 people. Do I have to put ---- plus 1? Or do I just invite the person alone? What do I do? For example, I have 2-3 friends that have no boyfriend or anything, but are friends with other people attending my wedding. Can I still invite them alone, or do I have to put plus one on the invitation? Remember, we have a limit of 100.

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Yes, you can invite them alone--just seat them with the other single people and near the people that they do know! :)

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Absolutely you can invite them only! Just address the invite to them (not and guest), and have the RSVP card say 1 seat has been reserved in your honor...
These people are obviously close to you, so if they bring it up- just mention you have a strict limit on guest count- limited space at the venue, limited budget, etc.

Kayla T.
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well... I think miss manners would say that you should give them a plus 1. I think it really is up to you, but just because they don't have a significant other in their life shouldn't mean they can't get a plus one. If it really is a problem for you maybe you could explain the situation to them if they are close to you. It really is a tough situation.

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You can invite them only. But I would seat them near single people.

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I´d say that´s fine..just if they live far-ish away and plan on driving it may be nice to give them an option of a travel companion..I plan on doing that. It's good that they know others there. Besides, another way to look at it is if they got a plus one, they may feel stressed at having to find a date or feel awkward if they chose not to bring a date, thinking they may get stuck at a table with a bunch of other couples. :-)

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We had to make a rule for this b/c we have a few single people that will be coming, our rule is if they aren't engaged or married, then they come alone. And that is that.

FMS, the barefoot wife!
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Ofcourse you can invite them only! A trick for all RSVP's
X amount of seats have been reserved in your honor
__ Attending
__ NOt Attending
you put the # of people actually invited in the x spot. and HOPEFULLY all, if not most guests will understand that number DOES NOT mean the flavor of the week or cousin Jim from North Carolina. :)

FMS, the barefoot wife!
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( we had a few guests go "Oh, but my cousin from whereever will be up, can he/she come?" uh NO.

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I am with the others.... no, you do not have to invite a date. In my first wedding, many moons ago, we were the first of the crowd to marry. We would have added another 30 people if we let them bring the latest fling. Unless they are in a relationship, they come single. Of course, if they are traveling a distance, that is entirely different.

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Kayla: Miss Manners is actually on the record as finding people's expectation that they should be given a date to weddings appalling. Her point is that a wedding is not an open house or a block party; it's a celebration of a marriage, to which the participants invite those they want to witness it and celebrate with them. While engaged, married, and otherwise long-term committed couples must be treated as a social unit, and therefore invited together, there is no reason to invite people one doesn't even know by name--which is exactly what a "plus one" is. Seating singles together so that they can mingle is the appropriate thing to do, according to traditional etiquette.

Not to mention, if a person isn't seriously involved with anyone, what better place to meet new people than a wedding, which will bring together the social and family circles of two people, one of whom they already know and like?

Shannon S.
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We have a serious headcount limit, so we've already spread the word that we won't be allowing plus-ones. We will include significant others, but we have neither the space nor budget for some random dude you picked up on Since people didn't start off with the expectation to bring a date, it hasn't been a drama so far.

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FMS, I love that wording for RSVPs. You are so good at this stuff. But yeah, just bringing "a date" to someone's wedding is tres gauche. Invite singles alone, then if they ask if they can bring a date, invite that person too if you so choose.

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A lot of singles will probably be relieved that they do not have to dig through their address list to produce a date for the night, I have had that feeling in the past.

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i am inviting single friends. but i am not putting plus one on the invite. Because the person they may be with now they probably wont be with them next june.

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It depends. When I was single, if I had been invited to a wedding without a guest, I probably wouldn't have went unless I knew a lot of people there. I did it once and it was awkward, boring, and depressing. I felt like my "aloneness" was just being rubbed in my face. I guess my point is, if you think your friends can handle it, go ahead.

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Also, I gotta say... it seems like a lot of couples seem to forget what it's like to be single. You can't just throw all the "singles" who don't know anyone together and expect them to have a fab time. It's similar to going to a bar alone.

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I would invite them alone only if they knew guys in my wedding, but I already thought about what I am going to do, and I am going to add a plus one, I personalty wouldnt go alone to a wedding where idk anyone.

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We didn't invite dates for any of our friends or family members. Our RSVP cards looked like this for our friends/fam that were invited alone.

___ accepts with pleasure
___ declines with regrets
___ of _1_ guests will attend

for families and couples of course the number was different but it also was an indication for our friends with kids that their kids were not invited.

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My limit is 80 I have bout 77 their is slot of people that r not goin to be comein I'm invuteing my aunt but not the rest of the fam cuz she's devorced it's up to u..but if u have a limit jus stick to it

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You sit them down and you say "LOOK, I AINT PAYIN FOR NO HOS AT MY WEDDING SO YOU'RE COMING ALONE"... and when they give you a dirty look and wonder who's abducted the real you, you smile politely, bat your eyes and say "please..."
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