How do I hide my tatoo for the big day?
I have a tattoo on my chest that is red and black...I love it and would flaunt it any other day...but I really want clean photos for the wedding day....does anyone know any makeup artists or DIY prodects that will cover it up for the day? I live in Tucson AZ

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The make up artist you hire to do your face will be able to do it. They have makeup specifically for covering tattoos. It may be a slight extra charge though.

If you weren't going to hire an MUA, you may want to seriosuly consider it. I doubt anyone will come to you just to cover a tattoo. That, or charge you out the wazoo for you to go to them for that- because it changes their schedule for the day, not allowing them to do any other weddings.
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Yes, if you have a makeup artist doing your makeup mention that you would like to cover up your tattoo as well so she is prepared for it.

If you prefer doing it yourself, Kat Von D has a tattoo cover up kit you can find at places like Sephora or even online:

And Kat Von D of all people would definitely make something that really does cover up tattos! :)

Happy planning and good luck!

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Try Dermablend. Its waterproof and covers anything. If you buy some Im sure your makeup artist will apply it for you.


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In order to cover your tattoo effectively and keep the cover up from melting or sweating off, you definitely need to find a makeup artist familiar with wedding day tattoo cover. From my years (20 ) of experience, the only products that do not budge are alcohol based foundations.

Proper tattoo cover is a very time and product consuming service. Using regular tattoo concealers,such as Kat Von D, Dermablend,etc, are fine for photoshoots but do not provide the lasting, waterproof ability of a professional product.

The skin needs to be shaved prior to application to remove small hairs that lift the product. All oils or lotions need to be cleaned from the area. The cover needs to be sealed with a waterproof sealer to prevent any transfer of product.

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My MOH has a chest piece and when she was in her sister's wedding, she had to cover it. Her sister bought her a kit from David's Bridal and after about an hour it looked all gross and scaly. You definitely need a professional. Don't try to cut corners here or you'll end up with something worse than a tattoo. :)

And, my MOH doesn't have to cover up for my wedding.

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I have a tat of the American Flag on my upper arm. I am not hiding it on my wedding day but when a friend of mine got married, she made me hide it. She had me use Dermablend. Yes it covered it but when I walked off with a groomsman arm in arm, the stuff rubbed off on his tux. It never came off and it was a rented tux. I would suggest NOT using Dermablend or when you hug your FH or dancing with him, it will rub off on his tux. But if you ask a make up specialist, they will know what you can do.

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I googled this and I plan on trying it ahead of time.

Try this three-step process from celeb makeup artist Mary Burton, who regularly hides stars' tattoos from the camera. (1) Dab a heavier concealer (like Lancôme Maquicomplet Concealer, $27.50) that matches your skin tone over your ink as well as an inch around it. Then rip a makeup sponge in half (the rough edge diffuses any hard lines), and blot to blend everything in. (2) Mist on a spray foundation to make the coverage look seamless and give another layer of camouflage. (3) Dust on a translucent powder with a big powder brush to set things in place.

Read more: Tattoo Cover Up Makeup - Tattoo Concealer - Cosmopolitan


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@Leylia P. - This will definitely work, but unfortunately, will not last throughout the wedding day. The warmth of the skin will cause a typical concealer to soften and melt. In order to obtain a no-transfer, non-smearing tattoo cover, you need to use an alcohol based product and apply it as sheer as possible allowing full drying time in between layers.

Yes, any "typical" makeup concealer will cover but will not last. The alcohol based products can only be removed with 99% alcohol. These products are designed for professional use in underwater filmography.

Certainly give it a test run. But with all the dancing and hugging, a regular concealer cover up will rub and smear off.
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