How did you preserve your bouquet?
What is the best way to preserve the bouquet? I was married Friday and I am headed for my honeymoon tomorrow (YAY!!!!). Right now it's in my vegetable crisper in the fridge. (I know, I'm super classy). I was thinking of pulling out one of each flower and pressing them while we are gone between two bricks. Any advice is appreciated! Here's a picture of how it turned out.

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You can dry it by hanging it upside down.

I tossed mine so I didn't preserve it. But hanging it upside down will allow it to dry.

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I never thought about it.... my wedding was Friday also :) I assumed I would pitch it and it makes me sad to think about it....

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I always hang flowers by hanging them upside down. Wrap a rubber band around the stems and than attach that to a hook. I have a strip of wood pegs in my dining room where I hang flowers, veggies, etc.

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You can have it freeze dried. That way the flowers kep their original size texture and color. Usually after it is preserved using this method it is beautifully places in a storage box for framing.

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Your flowers are gorgeous! But because there are so many white ones it may look pretty brown by the time it's done drying, plus a lot of your blooms are fine, fragile ones, they don't dry so pretty (hydrangea).

They have flower preservation sites where you can send your bouquet, and places that will freeze dry it and make art out of it.

Google is your friend, just google wedding flower preservation with your state to find one near you.

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Hanging has always been what's worked best for me. I only press flowers if I'm planning to use them for stationery or bookmark making. This may sound odd, but after they are dry try spraying them down with super hold hairspray. It needs to be aerosol, and aqua net works really well. Don't completely soak them, a moderate, even coating. After it dries, you can repeat or spray them with a matte (or glossy) acrylic spray as a finishing touch. I've seen a lot of bouquets displayed in shadowboxes and it seems to be the best way to go. Best of luck with yours, and enjoy the honeymoon!

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Thank you everyone for your advice! I will dry them while we are on our honeymoon and see how they turn out!

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1. If you are going to dry your own bridal bouquet, it is to remember that in order to keep the colours vibrant, you must dry your bridal bouquet as fast as you can. To get the best result it is a good idea to dry your
bridal bouquet the day after your wedding.

2. The more heat you apply, the more shrinkage will occur.
Supplies Needed

- Silica Gel (available at craft/art supply stores)

- Can Of Clear Acrylic Spray

- Hot Glue Gun

- Shadow Box (available at craft/art/framing stores)

- Background Mat or Fabric

- Soft Bristle Artist Brush

- Your Bridal Bouquet (cut off flower leaving approx. 1-2" stem)

DIY Bridal Bouquet Preservation Instructions

Step 1 - Cover the bottom of an airtight container with 1" (2.5cm) Silica Gel.

Step 2 - Place flowers face up so they are not touching

Step 3 - Completely cover flowers with Silica Gel

Step 4 - Seal with lid or Saran wrap. Leave undisturbed for 5-7 days

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Step 5 - Gently pour off Silica Gel and using a brush, dust off any remaining Silica

Step 6 - Spray with acrylic to help seal in color and resist breakage. Let dry

Step 7 - Glue mat or fabric to backboard of shadow box

Step 8 - Glue flowers to mat/fabric. Be creative! You can arrange the flowers as you’d like, insert a photo,
wedding invitation or announcement, etc.

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ah man I wish I would of preserved mine :(
I actually gave it to the couple who had been married the longest after the anniversary dance. It was a nice touch & the couple cried when I gave them my bouquet.

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I dried mine by hanging it upside down by a window and then placed it in a shadow box to display. They definitely don't look as amazing as if you got them preserved...but they still look beautiful as dried flowers.
With your flowers have a lot of white...I'd probably try and press some petals instead of drying them as white flowers tend to brown when you dry them.


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We had a bride dry them and use them for a Trash the Dress session! It was great! Check out the photos here!

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