How can we play ceremony music with just a CD
We dont have it in our budget to do a DJ or musician at ceremony. What are other people doing and how?

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Can you offer like $20-30 dollars to someone from the church, someone you know but not someone you'd particualy invite?

OK IF you are getting married in a church ^^.... is there someone that is in control of the music? Even so, if you are well aquainted with that person or persons, you could ask them even if you are not getting married in the church.

Sorry wasn't thinking right off..
Don't have much of a suggestion. I will be in the same boat come time. But I'm not sure exactally where the wedding will be yet so I'm not sure what will be going on.
Good Luck

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we are getting married at his parents house... outside


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If there is already a sound system in place, just have a friend play music through a CD player, ipod, or laptop.
For the reception, you can use the same idea - a friend playing music through a laptop or ipod (if there is already a sound system or speakers somewhere in place).
If there is no sound system, look for a friend who can play the guitar (or even violin)- makes for good acoustic background music.

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if your doing it at his parents outside like you said do it through the home sound system... It might need to be moved and such so its not blaring from the living room but it can be done...

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Check with your FI's parents and see what type of set up for a sound system they have. It might not be that much trouble to move it outdoors. If it is, talk to friends. You might be surprised to discover that your friends have a sound system that can be set up easily outdoors and is easy to operate with a CD. And usually, they look forward to helping out with the music as well!

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We are using a cd for the guests arrival (having my "coordinator"/friend turn on and off the cd), guitarist for the actual wedding music, and my FH ipod for the reception (again my "coordinator"/friend turn on and off ipod when needed). (we are getting married outside too)

If you have a bro-n-law or cousin some type family member that isn't part of the actual wedding, they can be responsible for the cd. Just an idea! :)

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Is it just the ceremony music that you are having issues with?
What or how are you handling the reception?
We were kinda in the same boat as you... getting married outside. We were going to record all music in the order that it was going to be played and intrust in a friend to stop and start it at the proper moments.
Then after talking to our dj, he gave us a great deal and now he's going to take care of our ceremony. He's a God send!

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I'm getting married outside and we are using a CD player.. Like a big one.. not huge, but one that is in like a bedroom.. not just a boombox type one. I had someone play the piano on her ipod and she synced it to the computer and is making a cd. The player gets loud enough, so it works PERFECT!

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Well, my cousin and her husband will be playing the guitar and violin for our ceremony (for, free, but we are giving them something in return) I recommend asking a tech savy freind or family memeber if they would be interested in doing it. Create a cd of all your ceremony music in the correct order and ofcourse, have the play list written down for them to read, and have them attend the rehersal so you can get the ques hammered out. This is what my sister did for her church wedding. Since you are outside at his parents house, I would also suggest asking a friend/family memeber who knows alot about steros and perhaps have a nice one with speakers that they'll use.

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I would definately check to see what kind of sound system his parents have. That could definately work. When my sister had us over at her house for nephew's birthday last year. They had music playing from their sound system inside and it sounded really good. We are having a cd played for our ceremony it is at the church. And for them they have someone there taking care of all of that.

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I am going to be using a portable CD player and have asked my friend from work to have her son come and work the CD player. I consider him a "neutral 3rd party", I don't want to ask any of my guests to do it, I want them to be able to sit down and enjoy the ceramony.

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if you have power outlets near the ceremony site, like where the altar area would be, you can just hook up a boom box stereo and ask a friend to work it. I did that for a friend a few years ago but the problem was, where the bridesmaids were entering from was so far away they couldn't hear the music! so make sure that's not an issue. they gotta know when to walk when their song comes on.
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Although I am opposed to the idea, you could try an iPod. Some of them have pretty decent charging bases with a nice sound system. Be aware, it will not come anywhere near the type of equipment a DJ might offer and most likely the people in the back (and even you) might not hear it while you're walking in.

If these are not concerns... then go for it!
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