How are you supposed to wear your Wedding Rings?
Sorry if this is such a silly question but I am highly confused.

When you are at the church getting married, are you supposed to wear the engagement ring on your left ring finger and then have your spouse put the wedding band on top of it, or should you not wear the engagement ring or wear it on your right hand instead so it doesn´t interfere with the placing of the band?

Which order should the rings normally be in, wedding band first, engagement ring on top or the other way around? I heard that you´re supposed to wear the wedding band first because it should be "closest to your heart" and that if you wear the engagement ring followed by the wedding band it means you´re having problems or are separated from your husband. What do you think?

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In the US women traditionally wear their wedding band first, then stack the e-ring on top of it. That might be different in other places.

I'll probably wear my e-ring on my right hand for the wedding if it fits - my right hand is bigger than my left. Otherwise, I'll just wear it as usual, and after we exchange the rings I'll just switch them around.

I would never in a bazillion years even notice how someone else is wearing their rings! I'm a stickler for a lot of etiquette rules but it cracks me up when people notice stuff like that.

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I had planned on wearing my ering on the right for the wedding but forgot and left it on...Standing listening to the reading, I realized my mistake and quickly switched it to the right hand while holding my bouquet lol

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Wearing the rings is largely a practical question. Many women who have two rings wear their wedding band all the time, but not their e-ring. That's why typically the wedding band goes on first.

As far as the ceremony goes, you can literally do whatever you like. My DH wanted to put both rings on at the same time.

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So, most women aren't even wearing the E-Ring right now, just the Band right? Or if they do have it on, it's on the right hand for now?

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well, when i got married my ering was on first. when we said our vows then came my wedding band i wore it like that for a few weeks maybe a month or two. them my moms looks at my finger an says "your rings are wrong, your married now, your band goes first then your ering" i thought it looked funny that way but since then i've been wearing my wedding band first then ering...

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You mean throughout the engagement or for the ceremony?

My e-ring is definitely on my left hand right now. I'll only switch it around for the ceremony itself so I can get the wedding band into place. I've never seen someone wear their e-ring on the right hand during the engagement. I took mine off to stuff the Thanksgiving Turkey, go camping, and get it sized/dipped. Otherwise, it's been on that left ring finger pretty much since FH gave it to me. I think everyone has their own habits re: how often they actually wear their e-rings. I wear mine pretty much all the time whereas some women take it on and off more often. It's really a preference and maintenance thing I think.

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Okay, thanks everyone. I "think" I got it now. lol! I really don't want a wedding band is the thing. Too much ring on my tiny fingers looks odd

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I am keeping my Ering on and having him place the wedding band on, I'll switch the order once we get back down the aisle! :)

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I don't think you have to have a wedding ring if you don't want one. I have a friend who wears her e-ring alone. I might wear my wedding band on my right hand after the wedding is over. I kind of like it there.

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Rings are symbolic, so you can really wear as many or as few as you'd like. Some women only wear the wedding band, some wear only the e-ring. Some have the combination or multiple bands. It's really a symbol so it's really a personal preference. There isn't such a thing as wedding bands police to fine you :-)

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Damien and I are getting married on Sept 27, 2014. I plan to wear my ERing on my right hand and after the ceremony, switch it to my left. I am so excited and can't wait.

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I wore my ering on left and the band was put on during wedding ceremony. I feel it's your chose which way to wear them. Either way you are married
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