How are you presenting seating/place cards to guests?
To begin, I originally just wanted to do a big board that listed table numbers with names written out under each to show people where to sit and wasn't planning on place cards at all. However, as time's gone on and now that we have menu choices, we've rethought the place card thing and will be doing them afterall.

I've been on many sites looking at creative/unique ways to display placecards and seating arrangements (we still want to do the table numbers/names thing so we're going to use a big board of some sort on an easel provided by the venue), but I just can't find anything I really like or want to do. I'm ALL about DIY projects, but know that if we add another (we already have a few more to do, and they will def. take some time), I need to get on it right away.

Feel free to post links, pictures, or give suggestions -- I'm open to suggestions and very eager to see what the WW community's doing in this area.

Thanks everyone! :-)

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I saw a really cool idea in the latest Martha Stewart wedding magazine. they hung the place cards off little ribbons. let me go search for a pic.....

See You There Invitations

See You There Invitations
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Check out this idea that I did recently. It was hanging from a ribbon. Check it out.

Btw, for the seating chart, I would recommend doing it alphabetically because your guest will have an easier time to find their names and seats. If you do it by table, you may have people lining up, just to locate their name.
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we are going to do a seating chart! just because i think it's going to crowd up the table, what with the table card, menus, our "favor" and centerpieces.

but i've definitely seen the ribbon thing done a lot of times :)

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Great idea about alphabetizing our guest list on the seating chart! I've seen some great ones where they just write a big letter "A" (or whatever the letter is) and write names and table numbers under it.

See You There Invitations

See You There Invitations
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Here is another idea for your place card

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Shellie D, I saw that Martha Stewart idea and I really liked it. I'm going for something similar to the pics See You There Invitations posted. I'm having the cards attached to the ribbons with baby sized clothespins. The ribbons will be hung from a tree in the patio next to the outdoor dining area at my reception.

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I was origanlly going to do the board, but to me thats a waste. What will I do with the board after the wedding? So I came up with this idea instead. The guest will eat the chocolate and it's less to take back home. For my escort cards I'm attaching the card to chocolate lollipops. ( as shown) That why it plays as a favor as well. Two-fer

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Doing the standard folded card table display in the cocktail hour space. The names will be on the front and the table number will be inside (the calligraoher suggested that for presentation). To spruce up the table I'm having the florist do something special with the centerpiece. Will probbaly do tinted gell that is lit from above with a mass of flowers and some sort of branches shooting out of it.

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Thanks for your feedback, ladies!

@ FutureMrsHodges - a friend who's getting married 8/26 is doing something similar with wine charms as favors with names/table #'s attached ... I love me some two-fers but our favor (packets of teabags, which will be in a basket for folks to grab one as they leave, since they're too big to put on the tables) is already in the making. I agree though -- I'm not sure WHAT I'll do with the board afterward, which is why I'm open to creative options.

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I made a board that had ribbon of my colors and wrapped around it and stuck the cards in. it came out pretty good! I got my idea from Martha Stewart

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While continuing my search, I came across these fun place "cards" which would make fun personalized favors for guests -- looks time-consuming, so probably best for smaller weddings, but I wanted to share in case any crafty brides out there want to use it:

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We are only having 64 guests. About 20 of those guests have reserved seating because they are close family or part of the ceremony, so they have place cards(with bike charms and their name)at their tables and will be told what table name they sit at in their thank you card/attendant gift, or by the DOC if they forget.

For the rest of our guests, we are continuing with the biker theme. We are setting up a table at the entrance to the dining room. We have named our tables after places we have traveled, so those names are on our escort cards, along with a bike charm. The guest is asked, via a framed quote, to pick their favorite destination. They will take their escort card to that table. There is a large pin inside our escort card so the guest can use it as a vest pin favor.

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1st pic is the place card boxes I am using. The second pic is the ones I wanted to use but they would have cost me twice as much.

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very nice, ladies! I think the boxed favors incorporated into the cards as seats is super-cute but I can see how budget is a factor.

Those triangular ones are super cute too! I think your guests will love them, Pumpkin's Sunshine. :-)

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I'm not sure how we're going to do them... BUT we went to a venue this past weekend and the coordinator was telling us that she had a couple who did a very interesting escort card... They had a table lined up with their favorite shot (redheaded slut... the bride was a redhead) Each shotglass had the person's name & table number. The place card was another shot. they were big partiers. (obviously)

Other ideas..

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Here is an article that explains the difference between escort cards and place cards, as many brides do not understand that they are different items, with specific purposes:
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We actually did the seating chart and it worked out well.

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We used little picture frames. They were only $1 each and made a nice favor. But people didn't really realize they could take them....that or they didn't want them. We were left with more than half of them.

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@Kimi, so basically that girl called herself a slut on her wedding day?? O_O and I've known the horrors of the redheaded slut (I actually got wasted on those the night I met DH), I wouldn't serve that Dimatap to any unknowing guests lol
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