Hotel information in invitations?
Should I include a listing of hotels near the reception site in the invitations? I don't want to clutter them up and my FMIL is adamant that no one is going to look at your website to find that info (I'm adamant that I wish she'd just bite a lemon and leave me alone but that's another story)
What information are you gals putting/ did you put in your invitations?

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I put hotel block info, RSVP cards, and registry info. lol I know ur not SUPPOSED to add registry info but o effin well! lol

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I put a little insert card with info about hotels and directed people to our website too. People will look at the website if you let them know about it. The card could simply say: For more information about what to do, where to stay, and where to go...visit our wedding website.

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I'm putting an info card about my hotel block in the invitation (they are pocket invitations) also directions to get to the Venue, and a RSVP card and envelope. I sorry but I'm gunna agree with your FMIL they aren't going to go to your website for that information... people are lazy... My mom had to tell people to go there after we sent out STD. (I sent out hotel info with those also, but only 2 people have booked rooms!) just slip an extra little card in there. You can print them yourselves on cardstock from a craft store. Or put a more information and your web site address somewhere in there... but i think the hotel card would be better...

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I just bought 4x6 index cards with color blocks (my colors) and listed hotel name, contact info, website and average nite rate for 6 area hotels. Printed them off MS Word document at home so only cost me like $4 for the cards. I slipped them in with my save the date cards but I don't see why it wouldn't work with invites as well.

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I don't have enough guests coming from far enough to need a hotel. maybe 4.

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I put the info on my website and people did go to it (we only did online RSVPs, so they had no choice but to go to the website.) We wanted to save the money on postage. I would recommend maybe adding a google maps option on your site or your invitation also so people can know how to get from place to place. We didn't do this and some people got lost (although it's their fault for not following the huge-@$$ limo and bus from the church to the reception site)

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I have booked a block of 60 rooms and the hotel in question was so wonderful. They sent us 200 pocket cards to add to our invitations. They include name, address, phone number name of wedding block, date and confirmation number along with a map from all 4 directions into the city. Out of 210 guests, approx 20 of them don't need a room, all of our guests are from out of town.

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