Honoring Grandparents
My fiance and I both have grandparents that have passed away (one very recently) and we would like to honor them in some way at the wedding. We are definitely going to have black and white photos of our grandparents and parents on the guest book table, but he would like to do something else as well. He suggested placing empty chairs at the ceremony and having flowers hanging on them in their honor. What do you think? Do you have any other suggestions?

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I like the idea. Another thing you can do is you can incorporate some of your grandmother's jewelry into you bouqet, I found a string of pearls and a pendant that belonged to my grandmother

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I am doing chairs with flowers and a picture frame with this saying in it:

Although we can't see you
we know you are here
Smiling down, watching over us
As we say "I Do"
Forever in our hearts,
Forever in our lives,
And so we say our vows
In loving memory of you.

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Thanks! My engagement ring was left to me by my grandmother, and it was her grandmother's. Both of his grandfathers passed away in the last year or so, one of which he was very close to. I'm wondering if he had a handkerchief or something that Brandon could use as a pocket square or something.

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Kelsey -- Thanks! I love that saying! I will have to pass it on to the FH!
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These are wonderful suggestions - and, of course, you can ask your officiant to mention them during the ceremony. Most have lots of experience with this sort of thing and will be able to offer suggestions.

It's lovely that you want to honor your grandparents.
Best wishes.


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I had pictures on the Bouquets and also gave the guys themini pictures in the mini frames to keep in their pockets. During the Ceremony and reception we burned the candles in the picture. During the ceremony both my grandparent's names were mentioned in loving memory.

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No problem :)

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We had something in the programs, empty chairs in the front of the church with bouquets I made on them. At the end of the ceremony before everyone was dismissed the pastor asked for a moment of silence and the groomsman read the names and asked for the living relation to come forward and they were presented with the bouquet.
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Do you have their wedding pictures? You could use them on the memory table.

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Im actually having our offiant mention my grandmother as part of the ceremony and will have a chair left open just for her with a picture frame with her picture in it.

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We are doing a memorial candle with my 1 of my grandfather, 1 of his grandfathers (we dont' and didn't ahve anything to do with our other grandfathers) my grandmother, my aunt and uncle and his father. Then we are blocking off the back row of the church and putting a vase with my grandmothers fav flowers. We are getting married in my church. My grandmother had gone there 45 years and always sat in the back middle, so I will be stopping there on my way into the church.
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