Honoring Bride's Deceased Father
My father passed away four years ago this March, I am getting married this September, I don't know what I should do to honor him during our wedding ceremony. My fiance and I are having a catholic wedding so I know there will be a pray read and a candle lit, but I feel that there should be more than just that. Any ideas?

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My father passed away 8 years ago this May so I've been thinking about the same thing. At my sister's wedding several years ago, they had a moment of silence at the church and that was all. With thinking about planning my wedding, I found a great place on Etsy.com that has small photo clips with blue ribbons (supposed to be your "something blue") that clip to your bridal bouquet. I was thinking about attaching a picture of my father to my bouquet. I'm not sure about the actual ceremony yet, but I was thinking about doing the Truffles for a Cause and have a donation be made to The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in his honor since he passed away to suicide. The guests get a truffle and a portion of the proceeds goes to the foundation.

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my cousin's mother passed away about a year before her wedding so she did a memorial video/slideshow for her and played it at the end of the ceremony. It was very sweet and brought tears to my eyes.

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My father passed away 13 yrs ago when I was 13yrs old, I can't tell you how many time's I've been watching a show (Say Yes To The Dress, David Tutera) and their father was there and I would just bust out crying because It hurts that I wont be able to have him there with me. I've come up with some idea's of the bouquet option, and also when I walk down the isle walk by myself and have him in spirit on and on my bouquet and my brother meet me at the end and give me away to my FH. Also the empty chair at the ceremony in the front where he'd be sitting, I would love more idea's also because its very important that I represent him in the best way I can, I'm going to be a mess coming down the isle thinking about my dad..

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I am having my grandfather, my father's father, walk me down the isle and give me away. He looks a lot like my father, obviously, so I think that will be kinda easier than walking down alone. I was going to have my two brothers along with all of my uncles give me away but that would take too long. I think I am going to leave a seat open for my father.. I was given a gold plated rose at my father's visitation, he would always give me a rose any time he would see me, it was a gift from his brother's, "the last rose my father will ever give me" is what I was told it was. I will have that sitting in the chair. I just feel that that isn't enough. He's my dad. He's supposed to be giving me away. I'm supposed to be having a father-daughter dance with him. It's supposed to be that happiest day of my life, and saddly I don't know that it will be.

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My mom passed away nearly 1 year ago. I am using her dress to make my bouquet (fabric flowers, mixed with silk), as well as taking a piece of her dress fabric and sewing it into my dress over my heart. Perhaps he has an old piece of clothing you could use?
I'm also having a memorial candle for her, and having my dad light his portion of the unity candle from it.
On the chair she would have sat at, I'll have a red rose (her favorite flower).


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An engraved candle lit in his memory (there are floating and regular candles), a remembering vase with flowers personalized with his name, photo buckle with his pic on your bouquet and a seat of honor with a rose or flower of choice. Wishing you a beautiful day!

Poem dedicated to him in your programs.

My little Girl, Don't cry for me

I'll be right by your side.

I'd never miss out on this day

that you become a bride.

I'm here with you to hold your hand

and give your heart away

To a man God chose to take care of you

forever from this day.

Today, I place your hand in his

with blessings and with pride.

My little Girl, Don't cry for me

I'll be right by your side.

Although we can not see you
We know you are here
Smiling down
Watching over us
As we say "I Do."
Forever in our hearts
Forever in our lives
Is where you'll always stay.
We will think of you in silence
As we say our vows today

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That's beautiful. Thank you, I needed it.


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You are welcome. He will be with you that day! God Bless!
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My dad's brother will be walking me down the aisle and wearing a snoopy tie because my father loved beagles. At daddy's funeral, my uncle wore the tie to commemorate him and it caused a big problem (people thought it was inappropriate), so when I asked him he said he didn't think it was a good idea for that reason. I told him the reason I'm asking is because it's a nice, subtle way to honor him--and our wedding is beach casual so Snoopy rocks :)

Oh, and my processional song is an ABBA song, who daddy loved (and FH and I love, too).
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My father passed away when I was 18. My brother will be giving me away. I am going to attach a picture of him to my bouquet and instead of throwing my bouquet at the reception I'm going to put it on his grave.
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FH dad passed about 5 years ago, we are having a picture on the table his mom is sitting at as well as an empty seat next to her (like hes sitting with her).

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Aw, I love all the ideas you girls have listed above, especially the poems! My dad passed away when I was 19 from cancer, and I would love to do something special to honor him. I think the pictures and poems are a great way to do it!

Lauren V - he will definitely be with you and in your heart on your wedding day. I know it sucks not having your dad there, but try to focus on all the wonderful OTHER people who are there out of love for you & your FH and (as hard as it may be) not on the one person who isn't there - ya know? :)

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I'm havin my mom walk me down the aisle, an empty seat for where he would be sitting and on the table where the programs will be I will have this in a frame along with a picture of me and my dad and then I will have that frame and a memorial candle for him at the reception with my other memorial frame...this is the poem im using

Dear Lord please clear a spot for him;
He should have the perfect view.
His little girls a bride today,
And I am counting on you.
Let me feel his presence;
As I journey down the aisle.
But let me notice his absence;
If only for a while.
Let me stop to think of him;
As I am given away.
And know that if he could;
He would be here with me today.
Dear Lord please clear a spot for him;
He should have the perfect view.
And if he should get sad today;
Dear Lord I count on you.

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My Daddy died 5 years ago, very suddenly. I got engaged (oddly enough, to the son of a friend of his) and have started thinking so hard about this. my Daddy was a cowboy of sorts, so I am thinking of making a tussy mussy out of leather and tooling it. I may slip a picture onto the tussy mussy somehow, not sure.

I'm really glad that I found this post... It's not easy, and it helps to be able to relate with other women. My cousin had the same thing to consider when she got married this spring. Just before our Uncle walked her down the aisle, my aunt gave my cousin her father's wedding ring so she could have a part of her dad with her. My cousin doesn't cry easily, but she did for that!

I'm having to be careful reading this! I'm at work and I'm about to start crying!! haha!

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thank you for everyone sharing their thoughts on this really hard topic. i appreciate it since i am going through the same thing.

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My father passed away on march 26th 2009 and My FH and I are getting married on March 26th, 2015. My father suffered for a year with his heart and my brother was by side the entire time. I only find it fitting he walk me down the aisle on my wedding day. I read the poems above and loved them. I was thinking about a sister brother dance. My dad use to sing "I loved her first" to me dancing around the kitchen and thank goodness someone recorded it once. So that will be our song. I know its hard going through a wedding without a father. I've cried about a million times, threaten to cancel my wedding, and about every thing else.

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My dad passed 3 years ago this Jan. and My Fiances parents both have passed many years ago. We are thinking of ideas to honor them at our wedding. We were going to get married on my dads birthday 5-7 as it is the day my Fiance and I met 4 years ago. But since his passing we changed our date and doing it the weekend of my birth, the day he seemed to love the most. My dad was the 1st one to teach me to dance, so at his memorial, I honored him, by dancing The Rhumba to Celine Dions "Because You Loved Me" I wore a white dress then too.(his service was blue and white) his fav color is blue.. 1 blue flower will be added in the middle of my Bouquet of white and red. We will have a table with 3 white candles lit with their photos and a poem. and the poem will be added to our program. During the father daughter dance and mother son we will play Celine again "because you loved me" and release white balloons or lanterns or float white candles in the lake near the dance floor.

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My daddy died 22 yrs ago when I was 1 from cancer. Anytime I watch a video or go to a wedding I ball my eyes out when the father is walkin the bride down the isle and to the father daughter dance. Im gettin married may 3 and my brother is walking me down the isle and my step dad is doin the father daughter dance with me to the song called "step father of the bride" and to know that my daddy isnt gunna be there saddens me. So in a dedication to him im lighting a candle at the ceremony for his during the vows, gunna place a rose where he would have been seated and using a pic of him hangin from my bouquet and at the reception having a memorial tree with the ppl that has passed away hanging on the tree
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My dad died when I was 11. When I got married 9 years ago I wanted very much to make him part of the day. So, as my oldest brother walked me down the aisle, I removed a boutonniere from my bridal bouquet and placed it in an empty seat. The seat he would have occupied. We had also had a single candle lit representing every special person close to us that had passed away. The minister mentioned that. In the program, I noted the empty seat and boutonniere and what it resembled. I will say, I will never forget the motion I had when I first held the boutonniere and knew I wouldn't be pinning it on him. Good luck ladies. I know this will be a hard day without your fathers.
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