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Hi brides-to-be!

FH and I met with our minister last night for the first look at our wedding ceremony. He is a great guy who had actually baptized my FH as a child and is an old family friend from way back with him and FFIL going to university together. He is a retired minister although he has church privileges in the church he used to preach. I was curious about the honorarium we are to pay him and he just said to pay what we felt we could afford. We are not getting married in a church so do not have any idea what amount to pay him. He will be invited to the reception after the ceremony as well.

What is a good honorarium to give?

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Beth G
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I would think at least $100. It seems he is a valued family friend. Also, since he is coming to your location (outside of his church) you might want to factor in travel/inconvenience costs.
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If he's married, invite his wife, too -- since he's a family friend. If you think cash would offend him, give him a gift.

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Do most people pay $100 or a gift to their officiant? I always thought you paid a lot more. When he asked us to pay what we could afford I just assumed that he was just being polite as he is a family friend and didn't want to discuss the money. Our wedding budget is $30 000 so I assumed I would be paying much more than $100 for him to officiate.

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My wedding budget is right around yours and we are paying him $175, inviting him and his wife to the reception and rehearsal dinner, corsage for her and boutonniere for him, listing him in wedding program. I have known the Elder performing my ceremony for about 7 years and we travel in the same circles. So not quite the same relationship but I think $150-200 is fine.
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My fee to officiate starts at $200 and goes up the farther I have to travel. Just to give you an idea.

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Our pastor requires $100 which is not bad at all for members. We will also invite his family to the reception and get him a small gift of some sort
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Just from my experience, the secretary at out church told us the amount varied from $300 to $10,000; plus we had to pay $2,500 for the church; plus $100 to the church volunteer; plus $500 to the church's organ player; plus donate all ceremony flowers to the church.

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We paid $770 for the use of the church and they said that included the minister fee, are we suppose to give something on top of that? Ohmigosh, I didn't realize.

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Start by asking the clergy if he/she has an honorarium rate(nicer that a 'fee'.)When thinking about an honorarium, remember that he/she will perform the sacrament for the marriage, not just the wedding (celebration.) Remember that clergy do not take a vow of poverty. Their training, counsel, and time are worth something, aren't they? So much money is spent on the wedding, flowers, photos, and party, without much thought about the person who actually united the couple. All this being said, the guideline should be a mimumun of $250 plus travel expenses, if out of town. This should include mileage, hotel, per diem for food. Also they should be invited to the rehearsal dinner and the wedding & reception. Clergy are responsible for sealing the deal. They've been with you for the counseling, preparation, family and bridal party angst, so shouldn't they be invited for the fun, too?
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