Honeymoon Survey...Cruise or All Inclusive
We are undecided about which to do. We are on a budget, and the cruise is coming out to be a bit cheaper since we live in Miami.
What do you all think is better? A cruise on NCL or an all-inclusive resort in Mexico (Dreams is the resort)?

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You are so lucky to be able to sail out of Miami if you take that route.

Sorry couldnt answer your question. Just wanted to say that (-_-)

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I worry about going to Mexico these days. But I think I would prefer the resort as it is easier to be lazy there for me than on a cruise where I feel like I am always on the go.

For the cruise pricing - did you include alcohol consumption? excursions? for our 5 day cruise for two of us the bar bill and extras (no excursions) was 1,000 - (we were no where close to be drunk at any time)

For either you have a risk of hurricanes as well because your wedding in the middle of hurricane season.

Kimi K
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I would go with the all inclusive resort.

My DH & I faced the same question when we were planning our honeymoon. After crunching some numbers & factoring in alcohol and excursion prices on the cruise vs. resort we realized the resort was less expensive. We're also big on doing our own thing while on vacation. Being docked at a different port everyday and having a cruise ship itinerary of what's available for that day just wasn't for us.

Hope this helps :)

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We are doing an all inclusive in Mexico. It was just the best option financially for us

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Keep in mind the cruise is not all inclusive if you are drinkers...that sucker can rack up pretty quickly!!

FH and i chose to do an all-inclusive to Jamaica. We've cruised before and after excursions and our big fruity drink bill it wasn't super cheap. We did have to fly to Miami though, but still the flights were pretty reasonable.

IMHO, I think an all-inclusive is a bit more "special" for a honeymoon. Dont get me wrong, cruises are great and we intend to cruise again often, It's my understanding from friends the resorts make a huge fuss over you on your honeymoon... Right now, the all-inclusive is cheaper than our cruise was...we'll see what happens when we actually get back from the HM ha!

Where would you cruise to? That may make a difference for you too :)

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We are not big drinkers, I might have a glass of wine with dinner, he doesn't drink really at all. The cruise goes to the Bahamas.
I did also include the cost of insurance for both because we will be in the middle of hurricane season (Sept 1). The only excursion I really want to do is the snorkeling in the Bahamas, so it still does come out cheaper.
I didn't realize they make a big fuss over honeymooners in all inclusives. That is nice! We were a little worried about the dangers in Mexico right now too.
Ugghhh, decisions!
FH just says, "I'm happy with whatever you want" so the decision is on me! =(

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DH and I just did an all-inclusive for our honeymoon. We loved it. The service was amazing. The food was yummy. We have great memories. Our activities were included as well. Horseback riding, watersports. I definitely recommend. [and] Yes, also, to the fuss made over honeymooners. We had a bracelet that identified us as honeymooners and everywhere we heard "congratulations" from the staff, we never had to wait in lines (rarely was there one though), and we were always given little "extras" just because everyone wants your honeymoon to be great. Loved it.

Exquisite Adventures Travel
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Consider how much adult beverage consuming you want to do, because the cruise does not include booze, but its cheap to drink on land and you can visit multiply places. We book our shore excursions outside of the cruiseline. Its much cheaper. The all inclusive resorts in Mexico are really nice and typically include your booze. Check out the Riu Palace in Cabo. We had some honeymooners just return recently and they liked it.
Tough to say, it all depends on what you want to do. Personallly I like cruises.
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My FH and I got an all inclusive for 'free' (all we pay is the tax $450 PP) to the Bahamas. Or we can go to Mexico, or anywhere really. It is a pretty open list for us to pick from.

I would totally go to the all inclusive.

Lee I.
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Both would be awesome! FH and I did the NCL Bahamas trip out of Miami Feb of last year. But we booked all inclusive Couples resort in Negil, Jamaica for the honeymoon. Just make sure you bring something in case you get sick on the cruise boat.. I did after the 3rd day.. it was not pleasant at all.

Randi At RanJan Travel

Randi At RanJan Travel
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If you enjoy drinking, and the cruise does not offer a drinking package,
and with the cost of excursions, you can end up spending more money on a cruise.
I can help you find an All Incluisve that is within your budget, if you feel that an all inclusive works better for your needs. I can also help find you the best deal on a cruise, and help you get stateroom credits to apply to your bill.
There is no fee to use my services, my services are paid by the resorts and or cruise ship, and I can match or beat all Internet prices, and give you the personal service, a computer can not.
Please feel free to email me rfstravel@yahoo.com , or call me at 215-450-8334
or facebook me.!

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Oooohhh Leena we are going to Couples San Soucci!!! Snow where did you guys go on the HM?

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CRUISE. Hands Down. I've been doing a lot of research on which of those are cheaper for our honeymoon... and as long as you look, a cruise is way better bang for your buck and cheaper. (:

My fiance proposed to me on a cruise in the Caribbean. We didn't do any fancy excursions or get crazy with the booze. In fact, when we told people we were engaged we had free drinks all night and the cruise director got us a bottle of champagne! Sooooo I am pretty sure when you say you're Just Married, you'll get some hook ups (;

The only shore excursion we did was a cadamaran ride to go out and snorkel. You can find so many things to do without spending extra money. It is so so so much fun. And the great thing is, you wake up with a new amazing view every day!
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This sounds silly but it could depend on whether you guys are drinkers or not. If you don't drink a cruise might be the more affordable option. If you do drink, I would go all-inclusive otherwise you'll get a big bar bill at the end of your cruise. I've done both, all inclusive and a cruise. Personally I enjoy all-inclusive better. Cruises feel rushed to me, having a limited amount of time to spend in each place, I like to go to the beach when I want to and not have to wait to arrive. That's just my personal opinion though

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FH and I personally do not like cruising at all but LOVE all inclusive resorts. With all inclusive you know what you are paying up front and don't have to worry about holding back when on vacation because it is all covered. You don't have to worry about traveling from the port because you walk outside and you are at your destination. Personally I find cruises boring, I hate paying $7 for a drink and we got super bored when sailing and spent most of our time in our room. We are staying at Dreams in Puerto Vallarta and hear that it is AMAZING. My parents swear by Dreams and Secrets resorts.
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FH and I actually booked a cruise (prematurely). After doing more digging and factoring in the price of excursions, meals, and alcohol; we found that the all inclusive route was WAY cheaper. We estimated we'd be paying well over $5000 by the time the cruise was all said and done.
HOWEVER, we had to fly into FL and pay for an overnight stay at one of the hotels in order to go on the cruise. That was a HUGE cost for us.
So....I guess I'm really no help.

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@ Future Mrs. X - LOL - you are too funny. Thank you!
@ Marissa - Thanks!

Everyone - thanks so much for your advice. I think we will be doing the cruise, but don't hold me to that, tomorrow I could change my mind again to the resort! LOL!

Mrs. J-Mo
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I have done both, and while I love cruises, I think that you will get more bang for your buck with an all inclusive resort.... And I love freestyle cruising with NCL!

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Im actually getting married on a cruise june 1st (miami) then taking off To the bahamas.. so well see im not a biggg drinker but i will have a few as im there...

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I agree with what everyone is saying, if you are a drinker than you may be better off at the all inclusive. My FH and I booked our Honeymoon through Costco and got a really good deal, if you are a Costco member check out their prices. We are going to Ocho Rios Jamaica for 6 nights and got a REALLY good price.
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