Honeymoon.... St Marteen or Cayman Islands?
Ok let me start with saying I am very upset I had to cancel this morning our Fiji vacation for 10 days, but when I saw it will take 2 days to get there, DH was not gonna go for that... :-(

So we had to keep looking... My 2nd choice (something closer) was Barbados, but because we are only looking at Starwood hotels (Sheraton, Westin, W hotel) Barbados don't have any of them... Going with Starwood because I have so many points from all the traveling I do for work so honeymoon will be pretty cheap. Hotel & at least 1 flight ticket will be by points...

So we came up with St. Marteen or Cayman Islands (Grand Cayman) .. Has anyone ever went to 1 of those Islands?? Which one is nicer?? & there is Westin resort at both of the islands...

Will make the final decision most likely tomorrow so would like your input before please...
Thank you everyone!!

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I Ive been to both on a cruise and loooooved St Maarten! That would get my vote.

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Personally I haven't been to either but my family cruises a lot and they always rave about St Marteen being their favorite!

Boo on having to cancel Figi ( imo I think the two days of travel would be totally worth it)!

Let us know what you end up deciding :)

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Thank you ladies. So far almost everyone saying St Marteen on my FB also but Cayman Islands have the honeymoon package at the Westin & it includes a lot of nice things. & DH went with his ex wife to St Marteet before on vacation, so that is another reason why I am kind of trying to avoid it.. ha ha

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I was going to say St. Marteen but, after reading the last comment...I am going to say Cayman Islands. It will be a place that both of you can enjoy and create a wonderful memory together. Plus you said that they offer a honeymoon package and other items. You may be getting more if you go there. Do a little research and see what the island has to offer.

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Cayman islands is so gorgeous and in my opinion more honeymoony. There is plenty of Sun, fun and sand and there is lots to do. Thats my vote, you would have a sexy honeymoon there, lol.

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I've been to both and I would definatly choose grand cayman! I wouldnt go back to st marteen unless it was on a cruise intinerary with some other places. Not that I didnt like it but in my opinion there are much nicer places I would prefer to go, honeymoon or not.

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I have been to both but it's been awhile. I think I'd probably choose Grand Cayman though...
Mainly cause my only memory of St. Maarten is of a nude beach and a very old man.


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St Maarten Or Sandals Resorts in Bahamas,St Lucia, Antigua,Jamaica..I can help find you a great deal and save you time and money..Thanks, Alissa

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St Maarten!

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We just booked our trip to Grand Caymen, so I'd say there. There is so much to do there if you're looking for something more than just a pretty beach :)

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Thanks Whitney ... Too late now ... we already booked it to St Maarteen for 10 days on the Dutch side.... can not wait :-)
I guess either one will be good, as long as it is away from the phones, computers, & all the crazy people ... (family/work) haha
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