Honeymoon in Florida??
My Fiance and I are currently looking for a place to honeymoon at. We are from North Carolina and don't want to spend too much (at most about $1500) so we were looking at places in Florida to go. Has anyone honeymooned in Florida or know someone who has? Also any Florida residents feel free to give a fellow bride some advise!

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Kimi K
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I would recommend Key West but it would be well over your budget (it's quite expensive down there)

Miami is a lot of fun (great night life) & gorgeous beach waters

I've heard good things about Clearwater, FL

A million years ago we took a family trip to Cocoa Beach, FL. It was great since it wasn't too far from Orlando we spent a few days Checking out the parks.

Just Reenski
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What kind of honeymoon are you trying to take?

Anna Maria Island (near Sarasota) and Sanibel/Captiva are some good beach places to relax in. St. Augustine is also a good option, has some good things to do as well as beaches.

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Im in Clearwater, FL!

What are you guys looking to do? We have beaches, theme parks on this side but If your're looking to do more theme parks, there is Orlando which has Disney, Seaworld, Discovery Cove, Wet n Wild...

If you come to Clearwater beach area, you can get a hotel on or near the beach. There are a ton of good places to eat/shop. You can rent jet skis or go on dinner boats, tour boats, parasailing, and the Tampa theme parks are only 45 min away (Busch Gardens and Adventure Island). Those 2 are cheaper than Disney and they often have 2 day 2 park ticket deals online.

How else can I help?

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I vote St. Augustine. It's beautiful!!! Cocoa Beach and Daytona Beach is fun and have a pretty entertaining nightlife. All the west coast beach are pretty and very relaxing. Orlando is great for tourist. It's all we really know. LOL. Miami is always exciting. It just depends on what you want.
May I also suggest checking groupon or living social for escape packages.

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If you dont mind the drive, Key Largo is amazing. We stayed there for a week only spending 900. Food is great and not expensive, quiet, great FREE beaches lots of romantic spots. Snorkeling for $60 for two ppl for two different sites GREAT TRIP

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Thanks so much ladies! We definitely want to be close to the beach and do beach-type activities such as snorkeling, ideally I would want somewhere a little less populated, somewhere kind of laid back.

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@Rachel B. That sounds great. Where did you stay?
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Hi Anali,
The great part about Florida in August is the whole state is going to have that warm weather, and beaches to enjoy because of the great weather.

If you are really just looking for laid back, away from it all relaxation and a great value, pick an out of the way beach area. Typically that will give you much better value along with all the other things on your list.

We are definitely here to help, so if you need a hand planning your honeymoon, just give us a call.

Happy Honeymooning,


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For out of the way beaches you might want to check out the panhandle. Vero Beach is also really laid back and not at all expensive. But for snorkeling and stuff I really recommend the beaches in the south or on the gulf coast. Water on the Atlantic coast is too dark and murky for the most part.

This website has info on beach vacations in Florida.

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Have you thought of Mexico beach florida on the panhandle? Pure white sand & emerald water. People say its like old florida before all the high rises. No theme parks ect. It is very laid back and so inexpensive there is a place called Gulf view motel for about $75 a night right across from the beach, a small vintage sort of place with no frills. Not really pretty but if all u care about is the beach then its fine. No website for them just reviews online. If u want a little nicer try El Governor Motel, it's right on the beach. We have been to both. There r also lots of houses, cottages & condos to rent. If you want some nightlife head to Panama city beach, it's about a 20 min drive. Snorkeling at shell Island between pcb & mex. bch. Hope this helps if u want more info let me know quick because I'm heading down there for my wedding on the 13th. : )

* Gin
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I used to live in St. Augustine. It's really beautiful and lot's to do. The old town is really romantic, you have plenty to see and do as well as relax on the beautiful beach. Staying there also gives you the option to explore Jacksonville Beach as well, or drive further South for Daytona or Orlando for day trips as well.
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Check out www.SarasotaFL.org for tourist info.

Good prices in August here.

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I've had a lot of people recommend Siesta Key, has anyone been there?

Just Reenski
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FH's mom was there yesterday for her birthday. I went to Longboat Key for a wedding about a month back, it was very nice, relaxed, water looked beautiful.

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Never been there but I live in Florida. What kind of atmosphere are you looking for and what kind of stuff do you and FH like to do? I always tell people Singer Island is the most beautiful beach I have ever been to! I live in Daytona though and its a good family friendly beach with lots of activities. If you happen to pick Daytona and want some inside tips I'd be happy to make a few suggestions :)

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I love Miami!! My fiance and I are flying into Orlando. Then, we will be staying in Melbourne and traveling to Miami for a few nights. He has family all over Florida, so they have offered to board us for a few nights! But, Miami is wonderful!

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Hello and congratulations! I live in Tampa, and we love it here. We often get away to a little town called Hollywood Beach. It's on the east coast, just north of Miami. They have lots of little mom and pop hotels that have their own kitchenettes! Precious!

The beach is fantastic and they have a long, very wide sidewalk that goes along the beach, with little shops and restaurants, you can rent bikes and ride along.

Or, you might consider flying to Tampa and taking a cruise out of our port. They do 3 and 5 day cruises that are very reasonably priced.

We also love Sanibel and Captiva Islands. We stay at the Blue Dolphin Inn and the Parrots Nest when we're down there. Both have kitchens, grills, and the beaches down there are wonderful!

Good luck and best wishes!

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I live in South Florida by Ft Lauderdale/ Miami and I drive 4 hours across the state to Sarasota/ Siesta Key as often as I can because it is so beautiful with the white powdery sand and relaxing beachy feel. It was voted one of the best beaches in the US so I suggest there. South Florida and Orlando are way too touristy for a honeymoon.
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