Honeymoon for the poor....smile
I really want to go on a honeymoon where the water is blue. An island would be nice too. The only problem is that we want to go to an all inclusive resort where we are not paying more than 1200 a piece. Honestly, is there such thing as that? As of right now, we are planning to go to Orlando, Fl...we would rather go somewhere different though. We go here every single year. Any ideas? Do all of these resorts on the islands cost over $2000 per person?

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look into the Super Club Resorts. They're all-inclusive and you can probably put something together for $2000 total for a Honeymoon including your airfare. If you need any ideas on where to look for airfare to any of the islands or even cruises look on http://www.pb.worldventures.com. There is extremely reasonable flights, cruises, Vacation Rentals (which could be another option if you want to stay somewhere really nice and not as expensive as a resort). I wish you the best. Good luck. If you need more ideas, please contact me.
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Congrats on your engagement. Not to worry. Have you tried looking into Sandals yet? Go to www.sandals.com They have some affordable wedding packages you can look into. Would you be against going on a weekend cruise? That may prove to be fun for everyone. Go to www.carnival.com Good luck!

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If you consider cruises, another thing is see if there is a port near you if not in the state you live in. Some cruiselines will give you a discount if you live in the state of port and you won't have to pay any airfare to your cruise location. Also on the link I provided, look at the Dream Trip section. There are some really inexpensive cruises for a couple hundred dollars per person, a lot less money than cruiselines themselves charge you. Sandals depending on what location you choose will also determine how much you pay for your stay. Some of their resorts are more pricy than others. I have had friends and family stay there or will be staying there and they said some of them are much more pricy than others.

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I did look and they now have Weddings and Honeymoons on the link I gave you. You might be able to find something in your price range on there. If not if you want something in Florida would you consider the Keys? Amelia Island in Florida is gorgeous too and has All-inclusive resorts there. So are Captiva Island, Marco Island, Sanibel Island too, and you could probably have less cost of airfare to one of those too. Amelia Island is a quick 45 min drive away from Jacksonville. I've stayed there before and felt like I was in Paradise.

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Have you tried talking to a travel agent, see if they are running any specials. Remember if you mention the word honeymoon or wedding (if you book yourself) the price will go up. I know alot of resorts in the Bahamas run specials try a 5 day 4 night stay all inclusive(they're cheaper of course) arriving early in the morning & then leaving late your last day to avoid loosing precious time traveling. Even if you arrive super early & can't check in the hotel will hold your bags & you can change into your bathing suits & go to the beach & relax. Come back at lunch & check in...easy brezzy! Remember lots of sunscreen even while shopping or sightseeing, I got sun poisoning on my shoulders while sightseeing because I thought I'm not on the beach I'll be fine...wrong! Good luck i hope you find a great special for somewhere tropical with blue water!

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Travel agents can really help. You can also register for a honeymoon so that guests can give you the gift of a honeymoon. I registered at www.thehoneymoon.com but there are a ton out there. Just an idea to help you out with the cost of the trip. But be careful that you don't count TOO much on the generosity of your guests, don't spend what you can't aford hoping they will cover it because if they don't you'll be in trouble! Good Luck

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It should be totally possible for you to go to the Carribean or Mexico for $1200 a piece, but you just might not be able to stay a full week. Be sure to check out sites like applevacations.com and vacationstogo.com. I have traveled using both of those sites for regular vacations to Cancun and Aruba and paid about that much. Cancun is pretty much the cheapest place to go and as long as you don't go during spring break, it is a beautiful place. Aruba was terrific and we stayed at the Divi Resort. They also have a sister resort that is cheaper called the Tamarine. The food wasn't the best, but the beaches were fabulous! Good luck!

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Look Into Los Cabos In Mexico It's beautiful and cheap!

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A woman that I work with never plans the details of her trips ahead of time. She books the time off, then looks for all inclusive deals at the "last minute", and usually gets about 50% off what it would normally cost. If you know you just want to go to a nice, all inclusive resort in a sunny place, but don't have your heart set on an exact location...this is the way to go! Take a look around at "last minute deals" on different internet sites to get an idea, or talk to a travel agent. Cheap!

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Try looking at the Dominican Republic. They have great packages with hotel lines that let you stay in one and eat/drink/dance in any of them...all included. I've heard it's cheap, too.

I live in Puerto Rico and I'm sure you would love to come down here for what you're looking for, but our prices are higher than Dom. Rep.

Either way, check it out! Personally, I'm not too keen on leaving things to chance at the last minute. You won't always find last minute deals for what you want.

Good luck and have fun!

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Another tip for both of you and I have gone through them before if you have AAA or Costco/Sams Club Memberships, they have some great vacation deals on their websites too if you hit them at the right time, even last minute. I've booked airfare once through them and got a great rate. A lot of us who have those types of memberships never think to use them for travel needs, but you'd be surprised what you can find. They have them listed on their websites too.

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Go to Liberty Travel; they have great deals all the time and less than $1200 pp, try a 6 days, 5 nights package :-)

Good Luck and Best Wishes!


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All inclusive sounds nice, but we never end up doing that because they usually charge for more than we could possibly eat and drink! Look at the Mayan Riviera (locogringo.com) for a nice area with choices from city (cancun, playa del carmen) to remote, and from self serve to ll inclusive.
Personally I've stayed at Villa Mariposa & Villa Zama in Tankah Bay - fabulous!

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The best thing to do is check out places like apple vacation, orbitz, travelocity, and expedia for vacation deals. Or check with a travel agent. Also, it depends on the season of the year that you want to go. If you go during off peak season the price is cheaper. I did a price comparison and Dominican Republic was cheaper than Cancun Mexico. You get to spend more days in DR than Mexico. I'm thinking that the price matters depend on where you are flying from as well. Puerto Rico is expensive...they don't really have any all inclusive resorts. Good luck!

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my soontobehubby and i are going to the bahamas on a cruise with carnival. both of us, and airfare is only going to be about 1600 (total!). but we are waiting until september to do it, save more money and it's kinda the off season! congrats and good luck finding something you like!

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You can try looking for something at www.gotopuertorico.com No passport required! I also know the Dominican Republic is very cheap. An coincidentally, someone was just mentioning about a wedding at Curacoa. All inclusive (including airfare) for $1200.

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You could always try a honeymoon registry like http:www.exotichoneymoonvacations.com. A honeymoon registry is a great way to keep your costs down and to personalize your vacation.

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That address was http://www.exotichoneymoonvacations.com/.

Sorry bout that

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apple vacations also has great deals from time to time as well. i went to a beautiful resort in Riviera Maya mexico for $900 for a week all inclusive a few years ago

All About Honeymoons

All About Honeymoons
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You can definatly find an all inclusive in the caribbean for your budget. It a matter of customizing some packages. Let me know what dates you want to travel and I'll email you some proposals, no obligation. My services are free, and my prices are guarenteed. I have been in travel for 16 years and love to see people explore new places. My web site is www.Lisa.allabouthoneymoon.com, I look forward to hearing from you.
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