homemade jam/jelly wedding favors/escorts
So I've been bouncing this idea around in my head to make jam or jelly for wedding favors for the wedding, then I thought about it and I might make them a duel purpose thing and make them also the escorts. I was thinking they would be cute, have the persons name on the top, so they can see it, and then put a sticker (most likely will order them from VP) on the front that has our monogram and the table number they are to sit at. I know that all of our guests LOVE homemade jam/jelly, just don't know if it would be a big undertaking you know?

I have an inspiration picture, they will be a little bit different than this but it gives my general idea of what I want to do

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well how many guests, i love making homemade jam... me, dh and our boys love the heck outta it! if you can find cute tiny jars, you'll be ok. My jamalways yields a lot...so a few bathces should do it! i like the combo favor/escort card!

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well we have 40 "families" that we are wanting to invite, we know most will come so we're hoping to have less than 75 people, which wouldn't bother me any if we had more, the venue is really spacious and it would have enough tables to fit a lot of people, I don't mind having to make multiple batches of jelly, could make each table a different flavor you know, and I absolutely love the idea of making them escorts, I'd be able to put them on a table and let the guests find their names and then find their seats and such...

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making 75 small jars would be perfect.... its a great idea! Hmmmmm you're making me wonder, lmao... we havent fallen in love with a favor yet, and its damn good idea!

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I love the idea....

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This is what I'm doing. I wont be doing them as escort cards though. I think it's a nice personal touch. this is my inspiration. I already bought fabric that coordinates with our colors and bought round labels I'll be printing. Good luck with you project you'll have to post when you finish them :)

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I am also doing jelly as my favor (as well as some other canned goods possibly) but I am not using them as my escort cards. The reason I chose to do this over some other ideas I had is because my mom and I can work on them in small batches all summer as the fruits are in season, and since they are canned they will last. Unlike candy or something you would have to do close to the wedding. Also, if people don't take them, it's something I can keep on my shelf for a while, not that I'm stuck with 20 candy apples.
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I love it I think its a great idea and so personal too

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I love it. I would appreciate a jar of homemade jam.

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I want to steal your idea!

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I am a jelly favor girl too! Not using them for escort cards, but that's a cute idea!

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I think it's totally doable! (coming from someone who plans to make 100 mini-pies)
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