Hispanic Traditions... Help
First off I'm white and my FH is hispanic. Our wedding is not traditional at all but FMIL hinted that she would like some of there tradition in the wedding. I love my FMIL so I don't mind having some Spanish traditions. But I don't know a lot of wedding traditions. Can someone please give me some ideas and some important tradition to use! Also some one explain to me what sponsors and money dance are? I heard FMIL talking about it but was a little embarrassed to ask seeing how FH hasnt said anything about Hispanic Culture in the weddin. Please help thanks!

Wedding: 10/18/2015
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Sarah D.
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I do.t know much about actual traditions, but our friends are Mexicans and did a few things- like the Dollar Dance, then a dance with the bride and the women, and then one with the groom and guys, and at one point, the groomsmen had to strip the groom to his boxers (he knew ahead of time and bought special underwear). But I'm not sure besides Mariachi (sp?) Music and Mexican food for sure. I will text her and ask her about any.

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Sponsors, or "padrinos" are usually close family members that you assign for certain wedding items (ex: the music, venue, dress, album, bible, etc) basically they just help with the purchase by either buying it for you or giving you whatever amount of money to put towards the wedding. They usually get a small gift the day of the wedding to thank them for their help. Many people do this (FH and I are both Hispanic) but when we decided to get married, we chose not to ask anyone for assistance. If they wanted to help and be "padrinos" then they were welcome to, but I'm too shy to go out and say "hey, you're the padrino for my dress, give me $2k".

Dollar dance is the usual too.. Basically the bride and groom start dancing and then people line up so dance with them and give them a dollar (or more). It used to be where they'd pin in to the brides dress and the grooms tux, but when my sis got married, the best man and I stood there collecting the cash for them.

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Are you having a church ceremony? If so, it's tradition to have the bible, the candle, "arraz", which are some type of coin looking things and the lazo, which Is like a big rosary placed over your heads to symbolize how you two are united through Christ. Again, this is usually a responsibility given to a sponsor, because they will have to stand up and have them blessed by the priest. (That's if you're catholic, otherwise disregard lol)

At reception, all the men usually pick up the groom and throw him up in the air while undressing him. (Ok, this sounds really freaky, lol but idk how to describe it) it's tradition and can be a lot of fun if the groom is down for it.

There is also the "vivora de la mar" which is basically all the females holding hands in a line and the males in their own line running through the venue like 2 big snakes. Maybe you can YouTube it to understand lol. We are having a DW, but when we discussed having a traditional wedding, I said "NO VIVORA DE LA MAR" lol
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Yes, definitely search on youtube for things like "la vivora de la mar" and the dollar dance. FH and I are really only doing the dollar dance as part as hispanic traditions (both of Mexican families). We are not doing sponsors but thinking of doing the "lazo" during the ceremony although it will not be a religious ceremony. The lazo symbolizes the union of the two as one.

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I went to a wedding a couple of years ago where the bride, whom I knew, was white and the groom was hispanic. One thing I really liked was that they did the ceremony in both English and Spanish. Maybe that helps!

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We are doing the lazo, which unites you with each other and God, and the arras, where the groom presents the bride with 13 gold coins (representing Jesus and the 12 apostles) as a sign of his providing for her both financially and spiritually. Her acceptance of the coins symbolizes her acceptance of him supporting her.

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Also which country is FH's family from? Traditions vary from country to country.

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Thanks for clarifying the purpose of the arraz Catrapoin! I never really knew lol

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Good point, all the things I mentioned are based off our Mexican heritage.

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Yes traditions depend on where his family is from. I am puertorican and a lot of the traditions mentioned are mexican.

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A lot of these are Catholic, while others are country specific. I was born in Spain, XH is from Honduras, my friends are from PR, DR, Mexico, Guatemala, and Uruguay. So many different customs!

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Thanks everyone.. I think I'm going to talk it over with him and the google and see what he wants to do.

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A bit off-topic, but I never realised there was a difference between Hispanic and non-Hispanic, "white" people, that is, apart from perhaps a religious POV. Probably because I am from the Antipodes and the word "Hispanic" doesn't often come up.

But really, that is something of which I have never heard. One learns something new every day!

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As others have said, not every tradition applies to every nationality. Make sure you're clear on your FH's heritage -- his parents might have one country as their shared background or more. Each country has different practices, and some of the Catholic stuff will vary depending on how his family practices. If he gives you the "I don't know -- I don't pay attention at weddings" line (I got this from my DH), talk to FMIL or any FSILs, etc. about how things tend to work in their family.
I'm sure it will mean a lot to them that you want to include cultural elements that matter to them.

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Pretty much what they said, and look up
Videos on "el mandilon" it's basically a guy that's whopped and has to do the chores around the house. The guys dance with the groom and spin him around.

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hahaha mandilon, I haven't heard that one in a while! It comes from "mandil" which means "apron" in Spanish. So mandilon translates to "a guy who wears the apron" or a man that is "whipped" by his wife.

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This the weird thing his mom is from " the valley" or Mercedes, Texas and his dad is from Arizona. So not sure what Spanish he is. We are not having a catholic ceremony, because He and I are not catholic, his parents are and they are a little up set but FH hasn't been catholic since way before me. I may do the dollar dance that sounds fun. not sure I like the idea of sponsors sounds kinda embarrassing to have someone pay for things I'd rather just pay for it myself. FH hasn't said much about what Ive picked out for the wedding, its just been FMIL that's been making thinking about it. Also I've never labeled FH Hispanic or Mexican or Me as white Until again FMIL started talking about traditions. I think I'm going to let it go and just talk to FH about all this because I may be storing up stuff for nothing.. lol
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