"Hip Hop" Bride and Groom Entrance song and Fast Bride and Father song help needed!!
Hello ladies!!! I need help choosing a "club banging" song for our entrance. Everyone that knows me know that I love to dance! But I haven't been in the club scene for over four years!!! So I really don't know exactly what is hot... o_O ... I love T.I and was thinking "Bring'EM out" but it is a little dated :(... Any suggestions?

Also my dad is a "cool dad" and we want to do a dance to a fast song. Any suggestions??? I was thinking about "Celebration" but he loves blues... Should I go more today's music, in the middle "Celebration" or old school blues?

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I'm a luv with T.I. as well so our entrance song is gonna be Got Your Back f/Keri Hilson.

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Oh wow, this is tough. For the Father daughter dance what about "Loving you always" by stevie wonder (think of the best man when the record skipped while taye and nia were about to get it in). Its an oldie but a goodie. As for the Hip Hop entrance, Maybe "All I Do Is Win" T-pain and DJ Khalid and friends, lol

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nicki minaj and drake have a new song out...think its called for life....idk

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I'm planning on doing "Moment for Life" by Nikki Minaj!!! I love that song, I don't care how outdated it may be when our wedding gets here! I think it FITS the occasion. I recently went to a wedding and the couple came out to "Ain't I" by Young Dro...it was NICE!!! As for the daddy and daughter dance...for some reason J. Blackfoot's "Just One Lifetime" comes to mind. It's one of me and my daddy's fave blues songs. Wish he was here to dance with me!!!!!

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I went to a wedding this past summer and the bridal party came out to Usher's OMG!! It was hot and they all danced!!

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@2011 Mrs.Brown..i was thinkin of the same song to come out to. Think it fits perfectly..

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I am in lovvvvveeee with this YouTube video:


Please watch it!!! It is soooooo GENIUS!!!

@Crystal A....I listen to that song EVERYDAY!!!! LOL!!!

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OMG @2011 I want that as my entrance song too I thought it would be nice to have me and my BM dancing to that song and let the guys pick a song to dance to as well. Lol great minds think alike.

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Nikki...had all the brides in mind when she did that song!!! LOL!! I just know she did!!!

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I have always loved Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely" as a song for a Father/Daughter dance. I believe Stevie wrote that song about his daughter when she was first born.

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You can do
Dj Khaled All I do is win
T-pain Got money
I want to do the Bridal party with Sweat ya perm out by Katt Williams and Lil Jon but I dunno if I am going to get away with that one lol
Me and FH are coming out to old skool song. George Clinton Atomic dog. New song for the WP and old skool classic for us. Mixing it up a lil.
You could also do
Let it rock by kevin rudolf and lil wayne
I can transform ya by Chris Brown

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There are some songs that never get old. I don't think it matters if it's new or not just as long as it's a good one. We were thinking of just doing the instrumental of "The Next Episode" Dr. Dre and Snoop. I think that's one of those songs that everyone knows and still gets people goin when it's played..

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Bring em Out would be cute. There is no such thing as out-dated when it comes to thise plans. I like that idea! Makes me wish I was at ur wedding, cuase I'd be ready to party with u.
For the father daughter dance yiou can pick something that kind of fits your Dad.

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Thanks so much ladies for all of the suggestions! I love "Moment for Life" by Nikki Minaj. I think that we might use "Ain't I" by Young Dro for the bridal party to come out in!!! Thank you Future Mrs Brown! I want them to dance! LOL!! I think that I will stick with T.I. Bring 'em out! I just always said it would be the perfect entranced for me when I get married!

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"Loving you always" by stevie wonder is a awesome!!! Thank you Ms. Marissa

But I think that J. Blackfoot's "Just One Lifetime" IS PERFECT!!!! He LOVES blues! Thank you so much again Mrs. Brown!!! :D

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You are so welcome!!! Blues is my specialty!! I still get up on Saturday mornings listening to it!! LOL!!!

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My GF and her hubby came out to T.I. Bring Em out and from that point on the reception was on and poppin! It totally set the tone! Do it! :)

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YES!!!! SO ready Shauna!!!

Janae T.

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We are a local wedding videography company here in Phoenix, and we have recently heard the following songs used...

Your Love - Niki Minaj
Superhuman - Chris Brown & Kerri Hilson
Love and Happiness - Al Green
Bring 'Em Out - T.I.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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I was thinking about entering doing the Pretty Girl Rock lol
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