Help with Fun/Crazy Wedding party entrance songs
We are getting married May 16th and still can't figure out a good song for our wedding entrance..

We are a fun loving couple and want the wedding of a lifetime.. So we want a PUMPED up song to walk into.

My sister used the "Hey" song and it started the night off with a blast!

The "Hey" song my sister used was the one that starts off most baseball game. ( It's more of a chant then a song )

Any ideas like that would be Great!!

Thanks & take care,


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Debbie H.

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Let's get ready to rumble, is a good one. It's the song they play for the WWF or before Football games. You can get crazy as the couples come in.. I've heard and seen it done.Fun Fun Fun

Enjoy your planning
Best Wishes.

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How about Let's Get it Started by the Black Eyed Peas?

My cousin and her husband walked in to The Beautiful People by Marilyn was awesome.

I also love the beginning of Blind by Korn.

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Hi! I believe I found this link in one of the posts on here awhile ago, but here you go. It is a link of Wedding Reception Songs. It starts with ideas of songs for the grand entrances.

FMS, the barefoot wife!
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Thunderstruck-AC/DC gets me pumped everytime!!

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A few of our friends have walked in to Walk, by Pantera definitely makes a great entrance !

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My cousin used the Pistons theme song, and my FI was so bummed when they walked in to it, bc he is obsessed with the Pistons. Kinda fun if you are sports enthusiasts.

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have you considered Queen? or some foreign language song like a ballywood? or something like heavy spanish rock??? for that get "El Tri de Mexico" the song is "triste Cancion" or "Oye Cantinero" hope this helps?????? have fun! LOTS OF It!!!!!

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Get the party started by PINK is a good entrance song too.

Joey's Baby
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What about the theme song to a cartoon show like The Flinstones or SpongeBob? That would be hilarious.

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Joey im getting married the day before you!! and i love ur idea im gonna put some thought into that!!

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We are using the song "sandstorm" by darude. start the night off right with some killer techno dance music! :)

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I had a friend use star wars music. was pretty cool if you are a star wars fan.

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I think a fun idea is Party Rock Anthem. That is what my fiance and I are doing!
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