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Here is my dilemma... I am trying to decide on the flavor & icing for our wedding cake. We are ordering from the Publix Bakery. It comes down to vanilla cake, strawberry filling & buttercream icing (our safe choice) or carrot cake & cream cheese frosting. My groom and I LOVE the carrot cake!! The only problem is the color of the frosting. (In the picture it's the cake in the front) It is an off white color... I always imagined the cake white but the carrot cake with cream cheese frosting is amazing!

Has anyone ever had an off colored cake? or a carrot cake with cream cheese filling & butter cream icing (does that even taste good?) Should we think about having different flavored tiers for those who don't like carrot cake?


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I think it looks more off white because it is next to pure white cakes. On it's own at the wedding I think it would look fine. Go with what you really want and love!

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If you are having a tiered/stacked cake, each tier could be a different flavor, if it doesn't cost more. Otherwise, have the carrot cake be filled with the cream cheese, and frosted in buttercream. That way you have the cream cheese flavor for most of the cake, and the buttercream tastes fine with it...Good luck! And yum!

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Personally i would suggest doing different flavors for those that don't like carrot cake. There are many many people who don't like it. Not to mention most carrot cakes have nuts and a lot of people have nut allergies. If you go with a different flavor for those reasons I would have a seperate cake server due to the allergy issue.

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im also going to have to agree with Nikki t. why not make the top tier that you save carrot cake since its only you and FH that will eat it

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Obviously it won't be exactly the same, but spend $5 to get a carrot cake mix and a thing of cream cheese frosting and buttercream frosting, and whip one up at home! It will at least give you a good idea of how the buttercream tastes as opposed to the cream cheese.

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I'd definitly have at least one tier thats NOT carrot cake. You never know what your guests are gonna prefer...even if the carrot is yummy =) The buttercream should be delicious with the carrot cake. Most people complain with Carrot cakes that they are too rich. This gives the feeling of traditional with the filling...but its a little bit lighter with the buttercream.

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We're doing a butter-cream-cream-cheese icing, and it's off white. It will look exactly like this but with a D in the circle. I think it looks fine...

As for carrot cake-- YUM! I would love to go to more weddings that had bolder choices like that. I say go for it and the icing : )

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My Beloved, Inc.
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You should buy what tastes good! If you love it, so will your guests. They won't really be able to tell white from ivory or beige. Keep in mind that you may add some flowers, a cake topper, surround it with petals and candles and it will look just beautiful. Good luck!

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I love carriot cake and cream cheese frosting, but there probably are some people who don't, as it's not a common flavor. Maybe you can do as some others have suggested and have a mix of two flavors? Also, can't they make the cream cheese frosting white? I've ordered cakes before with that frosting, but it looked alot whiter than that does.
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I actually did a wedding in January 2011 where the bride and groom loved carrot cake but wanted something safe for the she chose to do the top and middle tier in carrot cake and the bottom in a pound with strawberry filling. Since the cake was covered in fondant, the icing colors did not matter

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actually our top tier was carrot cake with cream cheese filling and butter cream frosting. It was great!
the other layers were red velvet with whipped cream filling and mocha chocolate with chocolate ganche. all had butter cream and all were super good!

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Weighing in, I like carrot cake, but I am not a big fan of cream cheese frosting. I prefer Butter Cream. I also HATE fondant....yech!

I agree with those who suggest making a smaller portion of your cake carrot cake and a large portion of it something "safe". Not everyone likes carrot cake, the nuts and fruit that go in to it. Personally, I love nuts, but hate them in cakes, cookies and pies.

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I went to a Christmas Party for my FS's work recently and the only dessert was a carrot cake. I'd say about HALF of the people there turned it away. I would say if you did carrot cake definitely offer another option because that's the kind of thing you either love or hate.

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Thanks for the input guys!! I think we will do different flavor cakes in each tier & go with the cream cheese icing. We are thinking red velvet & carrot :-)

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you may want to think twice about cream cheese frosting during the summer. I was warned by my baker that it melts super easy and isn't a good choice during summer months even if it's indoors. That's why I originally went with butter cream.

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Thanks! That's a really good point. I will ask.
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