HELP needed for Wedding Program!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My son will be walking me down the aisle and I want to acknowledge him in the program, but how should I word this and where in the Bridal party list should it be??????????? Also, My daughter will be a bridesmaid and I would like her identified as my daughter as well as bridesmaid any suggestions

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You could list him as "Bride's escort and Son - son's name"
and her as Bridesmaid and daughter of the bride - daughters name

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I agree with mellojean for your son. You could list it in the program at the end, beginning, or where you are walking in (if you are listing them all out). It all depends on how you are wording the program. Most people will also list their wedding party by name in the program along with the relation i.e. friend, cousin, daughter. Programs are pretty open ended, so you have a lot of leeway with this one.

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thanks all, I have decided to add him to the ceromony proceedings of the program and my daughter said I should put "daughter," in lower case infront of her name under the bridesmaid listing.

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You can def put "daughter" in. Just put the relationship of each person. IE, "Bridesmaid.....NAME
daughter of the bride
Best Man......NAME
brother of the groom
friend of the groom

This way everyone is identified and it doesnt look funny, but you daughter is still acknowledged

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I agree with Danielle.

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I also agree with Danielle.

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I did what Danielle advised. My list was Parents of the Bride, Parents of the Groom, Officiant, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Ushers, and Guest book attendants with each name and their relationship to us.
He wanted his daughter included so she was a guest book attendant, and listed as Daughter of the Groom.
You could easily do Family of the Bride/Groom instead of Parents, and list their names.
On the next page do a quick recap of what to expect from the wedding (Entry of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen, Entry of Groom and Officiant, and then Entry of the Bride and Son)
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