Help me please.. I need to order my bridesmaid dresses by next week just found out today that my fiance may be able to get dress blues for when he comes home from Afganistain. Anyways I want to match with the army dress blues uniform with my bridesmaids dress I was thinking royal purple/plum or a pink but i dont know if that would clash with the yellow and bright blue on his uniform. I am also having a sash on my wedding gown in the color of the bridesmaids dresses that is why it is so important to match the dress blue uniform...HELP ANY IDEAS its an outside wedding in June

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Go for royal purple or plum: it won't clash, while the pink color could! Also, in addition to the matching sash on your wedding gown (you can put a nice brooch on it for emphasis), you can get a veil with matching trim. It will look spectacular! It goes a bit beyond tradition, but it really will look smashing!Good luck!

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I love the dress blue uniform... I dont think it could clash with anything everyone would be thinking he or they would look so handsome... but a darker shade may work better than a light shade..

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I think your color choice would be fine. We're having a military wedding as well & my FH and several groomsmen will be in full Army Dress Blues as well. In order to best coordinate with this (and not try to clash colors of blue), I went with David's Bridal's Saffron... which is almost a goldish yellow. Basically the exact color of the rank & such on the uniforms. I am sure that your color choice would be perfectly fine. :)

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I am not familiar with the Army and their dress but the last Marine wedding I went the groom was dressed in Blue but her bridesmaids dresses were hot pink. I think it looked wonderful and I don't think it clashed at all. Maybe I can find a picture....

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I like the color combos that Luckyones posted with the dark blue with yellow accents! I think that would be a great choice!

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I dunno anything about army blue, but if you go with "marine" dresses from David's Bridal, I have a size 12 bridesmaids dress from my brother's wedding last year that I've been trying to unload. :)

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My brother had a military wedding. My SIL had the girls wear blue dresses and it look really nice next to the dress blues. Also, a navy or dark blue color would look good. I thought that having the girls wear black patent leather pumps would compliment the the dress shoes the men wear. Give the girls white and yellow flowers.

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Great ideas everyone Ill let you know what I decided when I know if my Fiance can get his dress blues all done in afganistain!!
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Great ideas!

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He is for sure getting the dress army blues so now i have to figure out what color blue to go with a light or dark blue or vibrant blue hmmm and particualar bridal colors that people used would be great? I plan on doing yellow and white and blue flowers of some sort

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oh by the way i came across these and thought you might like them...,police,fireman wedding cake toppers.htm

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I love the dress in that cake topper!
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