Help!!! Is Etsy Safe?
Hello Ladies,

I know this may be silly. I have never ordered from Etsy and am just a little a leery about it. Is it safe? With so much identity theft and fraud going on I was just wondering have any of you ever experienced problems.

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Kimi K
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I was nervous too, it's 100% safe. Most everything is paid through your Paypal but some accept credit cards.

Be sure to check out the reviews of the sellers to make sure they're legit. Some girls have complained that they recieve an item that looks nothing like the picture/super super cheap. I've gotten a few things from there, all from wonderful women who I highly recommend. No bad experiences yet!

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Great thanks Kimi. I actually did read the reviews and were impressed so far. Only one negative review, but even then the lady corrected by immediately refunding the money. Everyone else has had great experiences.

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I have had excellent experiences with Etsy. As Kimi said as long as you are using paypal you are protected. I always read reviews on any online purchase I make so you should be ok as long as you check out the sellers profile and reviews.
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I have ordered a TON off Etsy and have had only one bad experience. I always pay thru paypal so I have a back up in case things don't go well.

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So far I've had great experiences with Etsy!

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I love Etsy! I had a problem last month with a seller that disappeared, but I used paypal and I was able to get my money back. But other than that experience, I had a great experience with Etsy!

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My oldest childhood friend is a voracious Etsy and Ebay seller. She not only does crafts and custom paintings, but sells antiques and interesting garage sale and flea market finds. I think a lot of sellers are like her. Too many ideas, too much stuff--not enough space to store it all. Ha Ha. I'm sure it's on the up and up, or she wouldn't be involved. I have the utmost respect for her.

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I have never had any problems.

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Never had a problem with them, I actually bought a lot of my wedding decor from the site! Good luck, happy planning!

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I love Etsy - I bought the most beautiful wedding stamp and have plans to buy a ton more from them!!

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Thank you ladies. You have been most helpful. i am ordering a wedding box to hold cards/gift cards so I wanted to make sure it was safe to order. also I am ordering two mugs with my FH and I's name and wedding date :)

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I ordered card box from Etsy and didnt have any problems. It's beautiful! I also ordered my centerpieces from an Etsy vendor that looked reputable. She called me to discuss my order she asked for a 50% deposit, so I paid with my credit card over the phone.....that's where I went wrong. Last month I noticed that all of her items for sale on Etsy were removed. I called her at the same number that we spoke on when she took my order, it goes straight to a voicemail box that is not set up. I wrote to ETSY and they couldnt help because I didnt pay through Etsy. They put a note in her vendor file but she still got away with almost $400.00. I dont think Etsy is a bad place to order from as long as you pay through their site. I learned that lesson the hard way. I'm working with my bank to get a refund!!

Good luck.

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I have been using Etsy for a while now and havent had a single problem with it. I buy and sell through the site.

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i've never had an issue, but as said before just check out their reviews. I always check reviews and have yet to have any trouble. :)

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I only recently ordered from Etsy about two months ago. I was so nervous, but everything turned out great. Like other posters have said, check out their feedback and reviews. I have purchased a personalized unity candle set (matched the theme perfectly) and earring for the bridal party. I am planning on getting jewelry for myself as well as small compacts as part of the thank you bags for our WP. Love Etsy now! I'm sure you will too!

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I have ordered lots of stuff from etsy and have never had a problem. I love it!

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I have ordered a ton of stuff from Etsy and never had a problem. Check feedback and read their store policies to look for red flags and pay through Paypal. Etsy is rolling out a new program where you can pay by credit card directly to the individual stores, but personally I would still pay through Paypal to get their protection as well.

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I ordered a few gifts for friends for Christmas last year...they came out beautifully. I also ordered my bridal hanger from Etsy. It is ,and i just ordered an NFL Lingerie and my NFL garter. I love Etsy!!! The vendors are all so nice. If you are ever nervous about an order just send the vendor a message. Every message i send has been responded to quickly. Everyone is anxious to work with you and make a sale.

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I had my credit card information stolen after making an etsy purchase. I know of others that have too. ONLY USE PAYPAL if you want to buy something.
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