Help! How do we honor deceased loved ones at the wedding...
Both of my FH's parent's are deceased and is grandfather. My father is also decased and so is one of my grandmothers. While we understand this is a HAPPY occassion and certainly don't want to sadden the mood, we would like to somehow acknowledge our deceased loved ones at the ceremony. What is a simple, yet respectful way to do this during the ceremony? What about adding a blurb to your wedding program (tactfully of course)? Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you!

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Lizz M.
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We are adding a blurb in the program, and including a special poem for my Dad. The poem is:

Although we cannot see you
We know you are here
Smiling down
Watching over us
As we say "I Do."
Forever in our hearts
Forever in our lives
Is where you'll always stay.
We will think of you in silence
As we say our vows today

Mrs. Del Grosso
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You can do a lighting of in loving memory candles during the ceremony, put pictures of the loved ones up, a sideshow of pictures, flowers dedicated. In memory of my grandfather who just passed away this past thanksgiving (he was a landscaper and a yellow rose was his favorite flower) I added a yellow rose to each bouquet for me and the bridesmaids. FH great grandmother met everything to him we will be dedicating something to her as well we just don't know what tet

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MOH and I are carrying memory books with our bouquets attached to them. The books also have initial charms for each of them. Here's what mine looks like.

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My H's mother passed away in 2010. We had our florist add little polka dot ribbons to all of our bouquets, corsages and bouts b/c she loved polka dots, and we thought that would be a small, sweet gesture to honor her and make it feel like she was there without making it the center of attention. We also displayed lots of family photos at our reception with special focus on people who have already passed.

We didn't finish our programs in time but on the template, I had written a little blurb on the back "to our friends who are here" and "to our friends looking down on us" - basically thanking everyone for all of their support.

This is a very personal thing - personally I prefer small details that don't become the center of attention. Empty chairs, memory candles, etc IMO can take attention from the wedding. But everybody will have a different comfort level so it's really what is most meaningful and comfortable to YOU and your families.

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my dad had our photographer take my grandparents wedding day pic and take a pic of it with my great grandmother's crystal necklace...I also had pink roses which were my grandmothers favorite flower and my e-ring diamonds are from my grandmothers e-ring

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My best friend/sister and DH's parents are all deceased. We honored them by lighting a candle in their honor. My step-son and BIL covered, Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here".

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My Mom passed away in 04' and I'm putting her picture on a small table w our unity candles on it w/ an arrangment of flowers. The table w/ my Mom on it will be at the ceremony, the lobby w/ the hordorves and the dining room. As tho she's there w/ us..

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Both of my grandparents on each side is deceased so to honor them I will be carrying their pictures in a mini frame on my bouquet and I'll also have a wording in the program along with a memory candle lit for the ceremony

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I was at a wedding where the brother and his girlfriend (on the Brides side) was killed in a car accident a few months before the wedding. They took two chairs and placed them on either side of the aisle. They dressed the chairs up really nice in red velvet and made them look like VIP seating. I think they also placed some sort of sign saying that those chairs were reserved for them.

Thats what I am going to be doing for my Mom and FH's Grandpa. It was nice to see some sort of visiual that they ARE still with us in spirit.

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omg! Mrs Lemmon I have an almost identical photo of my grandparents' wedding picture with my veil that belonged to her.

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Wow,awesome pics ladies!
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